12 Best 1Password Alternatives You Can Use

1Password Alternatives

Who wants to remember many passwords and deal with them repeatedly? No matter how good your memory is, you have forgotten passwords and had to go through the pain of changing them at some time. That is why most of us utilize competent password managers to simplify our lives. For seamless password management, “1Password” has long been a cut above the rest. However, it is not without flaws and is not suitable for everyone. Moreover, it is on the more expensive side of things. Fortunately, the market is not devoid of possibilities. Therefore, if you’re interested, here are the 12 best alternatives to 1Password.

What Are The Best 1Password Alternatives To Look For?

What distinguishes 1Password is its capacity to make password management simple and safe. More importantly, it protects your data with powerful encryption, ensuring that the industry’s best protection protects it. It makes you feel at ease while managing your sensitive codes with its simple-to-use organization features and user interface that feels familiar to even beginner eyes. Therefore, keep these critical features in mind while selecting a 1Password alternative to ensure that you get the desired performance.

12 Best 1Password Alternatives

Before you start looking for the best 1Password alternatives, it’s critical to keep a few key points in mind, as they may go a long way toward assisting you in choosing a better password manager. We’ve added anchor links to the apps on this list. To get to more interesting apps, click on the links.

1. LastPass

1Password Alternatives

When it comes to the best 1Password alternatives, one name instantly comes to mind: “LastPass.” And rightfully so, since this password manager, similar to 1Password, makes managing passwords exceedingly simple. Its inclusion on most major operating systems ensures that all of your passwords are instantly accessible from wherever. In comparison to 1Password, its search feature is lightning quick. This makes it easier to locate specific passwords.

One of the best features of this app is the integrated password generator, which does an admirable job of producing long, unpredictable passwords. As a result, you won’t have to waste time crafting strong, randomized passwords. These features are excellent, but what truly distinguishes LastPass as the best 1Password alternative is its robust free version. Therefore, if you want to utilize 1Password but cannot buy it, you may use LastPass.

2. Bitwarden

1Password Alternatives

Bitwarden was launched in 2016 and has quickly risen to the top ranks of password managers due to its inexpensive costs, beautiful design, and feature-rich free tier. Now that LastPass has crippled its free service, Bitwarden is the only free option for anyone who wishes to sync all their logins across all their devices. Meanwhile, Bitwarden’s commercial version, which costs $10 per year, has most of the features found in LastPass, Keeper, or 1Password, albeit it can be a little counter-intuitive. Privacy enthusiasts will like that Bitwarden allows you to set up your server to sync your passwords.

3. Dashlane

1Password Alternatives

If you value simplicity and dependability above everything else, go no farther than “Dashlane.” Despite its extensive feature set, this password manager is really simple. The uncluttered user interface, along with the straightforward record management, makes it a universal favorite. Apart from an attractive user interface, Dashlane protects your data with industry-leading encryption.

You can securely log in and autofill web forms using the passwords you’ve saved. With compatibility for all main operating systems, it has you covered in the best possible way. I believe that a decent 1Password alternative must have a strong password generator, which Dashlane does. In addition, it keeps you informed of any slight changes to your data via real-time notifications. If you’re looking for a direct competitor to 1Password that meets its features head to head, Dashlane is unquestionably at the top of that list.

4. Sticky Password

1Password Alternatives

Well, when it comes to seamless password management, you can trust Sticky Password to take charge of all of your sensitive codes and manage them efficiently. With over 17 years of experience, it possesses both the strength and adaptability to give 1Password a run for its money in various features. For example, the app employs AES-256 encryption, widely regarded as the world’s most secure standard, to provide an impenetrable wall for your data. In addition, sticky Password is comparable to 1Password to quickly and easily create a secure password.

5. NordPass

1Password Alternatives

Coming from the same business that created the world’s best VPN service, NordVPN, NordPass checks all the boxes for being an extremely user-friendly password manager. Using several password vaults, you can keep track of your logins, credit cards, and secret notes. With Master Password at your disposal, you can easily access your data. NordPass is comparable to 1Password in terms of managing secure codes. When it comes to sharing passwords securely, it is similarly capable.

As with 1Password, NordPass offers the convenience of auto-filling web forms to expedite the sign-up procedure. Using a comprehensive password generator, it’s simple to generate secure passwords that keep hackers away. In addition, it enables you to customize secure passwords to fit the unique requirements of various websites.

6. Zoho Vault

If you’re looking for a robust password manager that allows your entire team to handle passwords more conveniently, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more efficient app than “Zoho Vault.” Yes, you read that correctly! It may even be superior to 1Password in terms of cooperation and versatility. For example, you can keep track of the entire event and retain team members’ password management records using timestamps. In addition, Zoho Vault provides detailed data that enables you to track who has access to which passwords easily.

7. RememBear

1Password has ruled the roost for so long because it features one of the most attractive user interfaces and performs flawlessly across all platforms. However, if you seek a 1Password alternative that works reliably across devices and has an endearing user experience, “RememBear” may be the answer. The app secures your passwords and enables easy access to them anytime you need them. As is the information with many of its competitors, this password manager protects your data with AES 256-bit encryption.

8. Keeper

Keeper possesses all the necessary characteristics to make a convincing case for being a competent alternative to 1Password. There are three features in this password manager that I found noteworthy and which are also pretty comparable to those offered by 1Password. First, it has a clean appearance, and all features are extremely simple to handle. As a result, even if you are not technologically knowledgeable, managing your passwords will be simple. That, of course, says volumes about the app’s simplicity.

It includes numerous options for organizing and storing your passwords. In addition, it has a robust password generator that enables you to create a more secure password easily. And thirdly, Keeper has a clever tool called BreachWatch that monitors the dark web for login credentials and warns you promptly so that you can secure your passwords before it’s too late. So, as 1Password alternatives go, this one is rather decent.

9. Enpass

You cannot go wrong with Enpass when keeping your passwords secure and organized. What drew me to it as a viable 1Password alternative is the freedom with which users may organize their data. You may create as many vaults as you like to make exchanging passwords with friends and family convenient. In addition, if you don’t want a slow internet connection to impede your ability to manage your information, you’ll love its offline capability. Even better, Enpass is linked with various cloud services, including Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and WebDAV, ensuring that your data syncs seamlessly between devices.

10. RoboForm

Though not as feature-rich as 1Password, RoboForm is capable of meeting your most basic demands. The app allows you to import all of your passwords into a single secure location and manage them according to your preferences. For example, you may utilize the pinned view to organize them properly. In addition, you can use folders to ensure that accessing certain data is always a straightforward procedure. Apart from providing convenient password management, RoboForm enables you to watch all of your passwords. As a result, you’ll be able to easily identify duplicate or insecure passwords and change them with more secure codes.

11. Padloc

Padloc is not as well-known as some other popular names featured in this roundup. However, it is on par with the best in the business when it comes to reliability. That is precisely why it is a viable 1Password alternative. What drew me to this software is its basic appearance, which appears familiar at first sight. For option, you may manually import all of your login credentials or use the plugin to import them from the browser instantly. Furthermore, because its source code is developed under an open-source license, anybody may inspect it and offer necessary modifications.

12. KeePass

If you want a high-quality password manager that works as dependably as 1Password but is also free, use KeePass. This open-source password manager lets you centralize all of your passwords in a single database and gives you the freedom to handle them professionally. In addition, you can easily access them from any of your devices because they are locked with a single master key.

You’ll find the auto-sync feature user-friendly if you’re a Dropbox user. Regarding database security, it protects it using known encryption techniques such as AES and Twofish. As a result, your data has the critical protection it needs to remain secure. However, suppose there is one disadvantage that I wish the developer would address sooner rather than later. In that case, it has to be the very dreary UI, which does not appear to be compatible with newer password managers.


Is 1Password No Longer Available For Free?

1Password was never offered for free. It first offered simply a free trial, which it continues to do. You may sign up for a free 30-day trial. After the trial period expires, the monthly fee will be $2.99. (billed annually).

Is It Possible That 1Password Has Been Hacked?

No, It has never been hacked.

Is 1Password Available For Free?

No, 1Password is not a free service.

Which Is The Better Password Manager: LastPass Or 1Password?

It’s difficult to measure whether LastPass or 1Password is superior or inferior. Both offer nearly identical features. However, LastPass excels in one area: cost. It offers a free account, whereas 1Password does not. I’ve been using LastPass’s free account for two years and have never had any issues. On the other side, 1Password has never been hacked and offers a more attractive user interface.

Final Words: 1Password Alternatives

Hopefully, you’ve discovered the best 1Password alternative. Though it is more popular than many of its competitors, several password managers outperform it on various fronts. It is always preferable to have healthy rivalry since it forces businesses to give their best to remain competitive. And this ultimately serves the users’ best interests. By the way, which password manager is your favorite and why? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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