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Escape Games Apps

Here are the best Escape Games Apps for Android and iOS you should try.

Several games are accessible, including puzzle games, action games, strategy games, and others. In addition, there are numerous sub-categories of Puzzle games, such as Escape Puzzle games. You must solve the riddle in such a game and escape from the room.

You can relate to real life, have an exciting experience, and be amused while playing these best room escape mobile games. So, if you want to play escape games, I’ve put up a list of Escape Games Apps for both Android and iOS users.

10 Best Escape Room Games for Android and iOS

The Escape Games Apps mentioned here may have different features, but they all have the same gameplay. Most of these Escape Games Apps are free to play with in-app purchases. You must find a method to escape. These are the best games to test whether you want to enhance your thinking abilities or need the challenge to play when you’re bored.

1. Escape The Ghost Town

As implied by the name Ghost, the chambers are undoubtedly haunted by ghosts, from whom you must flee. The game includes a terrifying atmosphere, audio, and pictures, giving it a true horror experience. Here, you must exercise extreme caution and consider your options for escaping.

It is among the best Escape Games Apps For both Android and iOS users. There are 15 different sites, each with its distinct qualities. To add to the intrigue, all things are hidden and scattered among the places.

Price: Free, Contains Ads, Offers in-app purchases.

Download Link for Android/ iOS

2. Escape Through History

History, as the name implies, transports you to a different age. It provides a thrilling atmosphere where you may attend historical events and solve riddles. The basic goal is to solve puzzles and survive long enough to return to the present.

Moreover, it is one of the top-rated Escape Games Android in 2022. This game is frequently updated and includes a large amount of material. The Escape Through History game, on the other hand, is free to download and play, but it contains adverts.

Price: Free but has ads.

Download Link for Android/ iOS

3. The Room

Are you seeking for the best Escape Room Apps free? The Room is a puzzle game developed by Fireproof Games. It is a puzzle game that mixes scary riddles and realistic graphics to provide you with an escape room experience. Prepare to be taken to a unique location and polish your skills to solve the mystery.

In addition to appealing photos, The Room features a lovely style that makes it easy to get started. Furthermore, it offers easy controls with a single finger, providing total control of the game with a single finger. So it’s no surprise that this top escape room game has more than 1 million installations on the Google Play Store alone.

With this game, you’ll be able to uncover the levels of mystery to improve your thinking skills. It’s difficult to quit after you’ve pressed the start button. The many difficult questions will compel you to discover a solution.

Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download Link for Android | iOS

4. Escape Titanic

If you are looking for the best Escape Games Apps then Escape Titanic is a perfect choice. The Titanic catastrophe inspired the Escape Titanic game. You play as a passenger aboard the Titanic, fighting to survive. So, to escape the ship, you must seek clues and solve the puzzles. Finally, you can escape from the ship by completing the riddles and locating the objects.

Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download Link for Android/ iOS

5. The Escapists 2

If we talk about the best escape games offline free, Escapists 2 is a multiplayer game in which you must escape from the largest and most difficult prisons. It is one of the most popular and greatest room escape games. However, when attempting to escape from prison, you must use extreme caution. It is preferable to devise plans and attempt to escape to win the game.

Price: Pay $6.99

Download Link for Android/ iOS

6. The Room: Old Sins

Next in our list of the highly-rated Escape Games Apps is The Room: Old Sins. It is an incredibly high-quality and internationally appreciated escape room experience with a compelling tale to boot. It isn’t your typical escape room adventure.

The game requires you to locate a lost relic that can assist you in solving the mystery surrounding an engineer who has gone missing and his high-ranking wife. When taking part in the challenge, there are a variety of goods in the room. Other The Room games have new issues if you want to attempt these games.

Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download Link for Android | iOS

7. Rime – Room Escape Game

Are you looking for the top-rated Escape Games Apps? You’ll need strong observation skills in this game since you’ll be inside a book trying to escape the building. Even though there is just one level, the riddles are challenging. However, you may acquire hints by watching an advertisement and collecting suggestions.

You need to figure out why you’re inside the book and how to get out. It contains auto-saving options and numerous endings, depending on your preferences.

Price: Free, with in-app purchases

Download Link for Android/ iOS

8. 50 Rooms 3

Another well-known game in our list of the best Escape Games Apps is the third chapter in the 50 Room franchise. You will be able to play in 50 distinct chambers and uncover all of the clues to escape from there. If you get stuck, the game will give you some tips. The game is free to download, but it contains in-app purchases and advertisements.

Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download Link for Android

9. The Lost City

Do you want to see how Atlantis appears? Similar scenes may be found in the game The Lost City. The player is in a vanished city that has been wiped from history. It would help if you broke free from the myth by uncovering all of its mysteries.



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There are several riddles and hidden things that you must obtain. Even though it is fun, you must pay to play this game.

Price: Pay $2, no in-app game purchases

Download Link for Android/ iOS

10. 100 Doors: Escape from School

It is one of the best Escape Games Apps for Android and iOS users in 2022. The game is quite enjoyable; you must escape from school here. However, do not be misled by the art of appearance and do not believe it is intended for children. To complete the riddles, you must think carefully since each door has a problem. This escape room app is simple, but it becomes increasingly difficult as you go.

Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download Link for Android/ iOS

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