Best Illegal Android Apps Not on Google Playstore

Illegal Android Apps

Best Illegal Android Apps you should be aware of!

Android OS is one of the most popular smartphone operating systems. One of them is installing a plethora of apps on your smartphone. However, in contrast to the iPhone, you can sideload Android apps. While this may be beneficial in some circumstances, there are others whose sideloading programs are not.

Yes! There are several best Illegal Android Apps 2022 that you should be aware of. Some of these apps began with noble intentions but veered off course, while others are just unlawful. One such case would be sideloading Illegal Android Apps.

These Illegal Android Apps on the list are dangerous and can potentially steal your info. As a result, we recommend that you remain at a safe distance from these apps. So, without further ado, here are some of the best Android Apps not on play store. 

8 Best Banned Android Apps List that Are Not in Play Store

Here are the best list of apps removed from google play store 2022.

1. Aptoide

It is among the best Illegal Android Apps not on Google Play Store. Google Play is the only reliable and trustworthy marketplace for downloading apps and games for your Android smartphone. Although you may sideload Android apps and install them using APK files, downloading them from an unknown source is never a smart idea.

Aptoide was one such app since it served as an alternate app store for customers. Unfortunately, the app violated Google Play Store standards since it allowed users to download many apps and games directly from the app. So Google quickly removed this app. Also, if you’re looking for a solid platform to download apps for your Android smartphone, Google Play Store is your best bet. 

2. Showbox

If we talk about the best Illegal Android Apps this illegal Android app is called Showbox, and you may have used it in the past. The app’s premise was simple: it provided the widest selection of movies and TV series that you could immediately view on your Android phone.

So, what made this software so illegal? It eventually ran on illegal streaming, which is incorrect. The video sources may contain malicious sites that can steal your personal information. Overall, the app permissions and unlawful streaming caused this app to be permanently taken down. 

3. Terrarium TV

Are you seeking for the best apps not on play store? Terrarium TV is a similar software to Showbox, which is one of the reasons it was banned from the Google Play Store. The app’s user interface was similar to Netflix’s, and it featured all of your favorite movies and TV episodes from several platforms. But unfortunately, it was once again prohibited from supporting illegal streaming. 

3. Girls Around Me

As the name implies, this app is unquestionably one of the top Illegal Android Apps, and there are technological and ethical reasons for this. First and foremost, the app explicitly violated Google’s API rules. It includes a geolocation function that allows users to monitor others based on their Facebook postings and public check-ins.

Even if we ignore the API policy violation, stalking individuals is always unethical, and this app quickly became a haven for creeps. It allowed you to stalk, but it also allowed you to interact with individuals instantly via Facebook, which is a little disturbing. As a result, it was outlawed for obvious reasons. 

5. Royal Likes- Unlimited Instagram Likes 

Next in our list of the best Illegal Android Apps is Royal likes. We all use Instagram to share our life moments from time to time. However, some of us are far more obsessed with the number of likes we receive on our postings. Royal Likes satiated people’s need for more likes by allowing them to obtain more followers and likes by completing assignments. But unfortunately, it was blocked because it prompted you to give your Instagram login details, something you should never do. 

6. CreeHack

If you’re wondering what CreeHack did to get a position among the best Illegal Android Apps, here’s all you need to know:

This program effectively allowed you to obtain all in-app purchases for FREE! Yes! You read that correctly! To get everything for free, you had to install and activate the app. 

7. Sarahah Messaging App

If you are looking for the top-rated Illegal Android Apps then Sarahah is a perfect choice. It began as a fantastic idea in 2016 but swiftly devolved into a disaster. You may have used this app in the past because it was so popular. However, the app’s idea was straightforward. You may use anonymous messaging software to send messages to strangers while being completely anonymous.

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The fundamental reason for the app’s demise was that people had forgotten how cruel the internet could be. As individuals began to send cruel and dark remarks to others, this app quickly became a forum for bullying. Sarahah went from number one to illegal in under two years, trolling to outright harassment. 

8. AndroDumpper

Remember how I mentioned that some of the Illegal Android Apps on the list were just illegal? AndroDumpper is undoubtedly one among them. It gave users the ability to crack WiFi passwords for any Android smartphone. While it may not appear to be criminal, hacking into a WiFi network can endanger security, which is why it has been prohibited. 

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