12 Best Dark Sky Alternatives For Android You Must Try

Dark Sky Alternatives

Apple just purchased Dark Sky, one of the best weather apps available for the iPad, iPhone, and Android, and promptly discontinued its Android version. Numerous Android users praised the Dark Sky app for its basic user interface and accurate hourly forecasts. However, with the app no longer available, users are seeking a Dark Sky replacement that brings an intuitive interface and real-time weather forecasts. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 finest Dark Sky alternatives. We chose apps that provide a seamless user experience and include all necessary metrics. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the list.

12 Best Dark Sky Alternatives For Android

Given the app’s removal from the Google Play Store, we’ve compiled a list of the finest Dark Sky alternatives for Android. These are the weather apps that provide up-to-the-minute weather information for your location.

1. Overdrop

Dark Sky Alternatives

Overdrop is my initial pick as a Dark Sky replacement for two primary reasons. First, excellent user interface with hourly and weekly forecasts and a basic home page. If you want to understand more about humidity, cloud cover, or pressure, for information, you can enlarge the bar. The second reason is that there are no advertisements on the main screen, even in the free edition, which is fantastic. Additionally, Overdrop brings Theme, which features a variety of graphic styles and backdrop colors, including AMOLED, Dark, Space, and Light. Additionally, Overdrop supports persistent notifications and includes various well-designed widgets. Simply put, Overdrop is not as data-rich as other weather apps, but it is minimalistic and brings all necessary information.

2. Today Weather

Dark Sky Alternatives

Dark Sky was renowned for its elegant user interface and hourly weather updates. Therefore, if you’re seeking a similar app that succeeds on both of these fronts, Today Weather is the ideal Android alternative. It features the best user interface, with all data organized and readable on the main screen. In addition, nothing on the home screen is excessive. Apart from that, it brings a variety of helpful metrics in a card-style menu, including humidity, UV Index, Air Quality Index, and pressure.

However, it is not all. The main feature of Today Weather is that it enables you to select weather data from a variety of sources. While Today Weather continues to pick on the Dark Sky API and will do so until late 2021, you now have the option of using data from Accuweather, OpenWeather, Foreca, and a variety of government-run meteorological institutions. With that stated, Today Weather does show a banner advertisement, although it is not annoying. To be clear, Today Weather is the greatest Dark Sky alternative available right now, and you should certainly put it a try on your Android smartphone.

3. Weawow

Dark Sky Alternatives

Weawow is another fantastic weather app that is quite similar to Dark Sky in appearance and functionality. It provides current weather information in the form of rain precipitation, humidity, wind speed, and pressure, among other data. Additionally, you receive hourly information on three aspects, including temperature, rain, and wind. Additionally, Weawow includes information about local air quality from AQICN, which is quite useful. Apart from that, it enables you to choose from a variety of data sources, including MET, Dark Sky, Weatherbit, and Accuweather. And the best part about Weawow is that its interface is completely ad-free. You may give whatever you like to the developer, but even the free tier has an ad-free UI. To summarise, Weawow is a robust weather app that is more than capable of replacing the place of Dark Sky on your Android smartphone.

4. Geometric Weather

Dark Sky Alternatives

Geometric Weather is not a well-known app, and certainly not in the realms of Dark Sky, but it does have a lovely geometric interface. Additionally, it is lightweight and brings all relevant information to the home screen. Geometric Weather displays current temperatures, hourly and 15-day weather forecasts, as well as the air quality index and wind speed. If you’re looking for more information such as humidity, UV Index, or atmospheric pressure, you may scroll to the bottom for the most recent changes. Additionally, the app allows you to modify the data cards displayed on the home screen. Geometric Weather derives its data from Accuweather, in contrast to other weather apps that continue to rely on Dark Sky’s API. Thus, if you’re looking for a dependable app with an attractive interface and hourly weather updates, Geometric Weather is a viable alternative to Dark Sky.

5. Appy Weather

Dark Sky Alternatives

Appy Weather is designed for users that value an intuitive user interface and an enjoyable user experience when browsing through a weather app. Indeed, Appy Weather was named the Best of 2019 on Google Play in the “Everyday Essentials” category. It has a scrollable interface and a card menu that is organized according to an hourly, daily, or weekly timetable. Accurate weather forecasts are available through the app, which is powered by Dark Sky’s API. Additionally, there are options for real-time viewing of RADAR data, permanent notification of weather changes, and widget compatibility, but they are only accessible on the subscription plan. Therefore, I would recommend that if you want the same level of weather accuracy as Dark Sky but with a sleek new interface, go with Appy Weather. I am confident that it will not disappoint you.

6. Carrot

Dark Sky Alternatives

Carrot is a unique and amusing weather app that brings a sense of humor to weather predictions. It provides current, hourly, and weekly weather forecasts with an equal degree of levity. Having said that, the app is not for everyone but rather for those with a taste for AI-generated comedy. Apart from that, Carrot features a creepy UI design in which weather data constantly changes the images. At times, the sound of a snowstorm will be heard, while at other times, heavy downpours will be heard. As I previously stated, Carrot is a unique weather app that has some bizarre weather-related jokes to help you get through the day. With that stated, you may access a wealth of information such as precipitation, wind speed, and pressure. To summarise, Carrot is an amusing weather app that you should certainly try.

7. The Weather Channel

Dark Sky Alternatives

The Weather Channel needs no introduction since it is one of the first weather broadcast networks and a source of APIs for several apps and businesses. With regards to the app, you’ll receive several pieces of information such as real-time local temperature, precipitation, and wind speed on an hourly basis. In addition, weekly and daily predictions provide an excellent snapshot of how the Weather will behave over the next several days. Furthermore, the Weather Channel is unique in that it has a collection of movies explaining the trend in RADAR, wind speed, and overall climatic situation throughout the world. However, bear in mind that the app shows advertisement banners and video advertisements, so if you enjoy their video explanation, consider upgrading to the premium membership.

8. 1Weather

Dark Sky Alternatives

The 1Weather is one of the most popular weather apps on the Google Play Store, providing a wealth of information about Weather, rain, and air quality. While the UI is not as refined as Dark Sky, it is extremely data-rich and includes free services like real-time RADAR and video updates. There are several metrics available, including precipitation, humidity, dew point, and visibility. Additionally, the app provides daily and hourly forecasts and allows you to customize the main dashboard by adding additional locations. Additionally, 1Weather brings smart notifications, which means that you will be alerted immediately if there is a significant change in weather conditions. Apart from that, 1Weather does not make use of Dark Sky’s API; rather, it aggregates data from DTN WeatherOps. Thus, if you’re looking for a weather app that includes a variety of environmental metrics, 1Weather is an excellent alternative to Dark Sky.

9. Flowx

Although Flowx is not identical to the Dark Sky app, I included it for data nerds interested in analyzing weather conditions throughout the world. Unlike Dark Sky, which provides hourly updates, Flowx focuses on the global picture of climate change. It includes a weather map from which you may view the forecast and learn forecast models using the company’s 30+ data sources. Additionally, you may visualize RADAR reflectivity and storm tracks using various graphs and metrics. Simply put, Flowx provides adequate data for interpreting the upcoming weather cycle, and if you’re like this sort of thing, you can certainly test it out on your Android smartphone.

10. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is another weather forecasting service that is utilized by a number of the apps on this list. However, you may utilize its standalone app, which is rather nice and offers information on all available weather data on the main page. Additionally, it shows hourly, daily, and weekly weather forecasts, similar to Dark Sky. AccuWeather is quite similar to Dark Sky in terms of accuracy, and many users choose it over other weather forecasting services. They make use of data obtained from satellites, RADAR, surface maps, and meteorological agencies in many nations. Apart from that, AccuWeather includes a Map area that allows you to view the weather conditions in several locations with a single tap. To put it simply, AccuWeather is a reputable source for weather conditions worldwide, and you should definitely give it a try.

11. Windy

If you’re searching for a sophisticated weather app for your Android device, you should give Windy a try. The app is appropriate for pilots, paragliders, and sailors, among others. In addition, the app may be valuable for individuals who live in places prone to natural catastrophes such as tsunamis, cyclones, and twisters. It shows a world map in real-time, complete with wind, rain, temperature, waves, clouds, and air quality information. In addition, it includes a plethora of features and over 40 weather maps to explore.

12. Weather Radar

If you’re searching for a Dark Sky alternatives for Android that will inform you about current/upcoming weather alternatives such as rain, storms, and hurricanes, you should give Weather Radar Free a try. It features real-time weather maps and animations of the weather radar. In addition, you may configure the app to show forecasts on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis.

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Conclusion: Dark Sky Alternatives For Android

That concludes our list of the finest Dark Sky alternatives for Android available. We’ve highlighted apps that are well-designed and give adequate data to help you judge the weather conditions more correctly in this list. Additionally, we added apps that may not have the finest user interfaces but provide a wealth of data. Thus, you can choose the finest Dark sky replacement for Android according to your preferences.

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