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12 Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software For Windows

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Knowing which hard disk data recovery software is dependable and trustworthy will assist you in dealing with lost or destroyed files on a system or Android smartphone. Because we exist in a technological era where data is so important, losing data can be disastrous – even economically disastrous. Therefore, when files are lost or destroyed, you want to get it back as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfectly secure storage location for your data. However, if you know how to retrieve the data or have the software to do so, you won’t have to be concerned about it all of the time.

It’s fortunate that there are various tools available to help you recover data that has been lost or damaged. Due to the general damage of the physical components, all electronic gadgets are vulnerable to harm. There’s also the issue of gadget mistreatment or theft to consider. Data recovery entails attempting to retrieve data from mobile devices, external HD, USB drives, SSD, HDD, Laptop, and PC that has been formatted, damaged, lost, or unreadable. So, what exactly are they?

12 Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software For Windows

Hard Drive Data Recovery Software For Windows, you can try.

1. CD Recovery Toolbox

Data Recovery Software

This program can search any CD or DVD for directories and data. This software is ideal if you want to only retrieve a single folder, not all of those. In addition, you may use this tool to restore data from corrupted files rapidly and easily.

This software has a lot of appealing features. It can not only assist you in recovering your important data, but it can also assist you in detecting a shortage of free space in the machine. Not to mention that it can recover information from DVD or CD, which is a unique feature. It can find and identify folders and files on a CD. This isn’t something that every data recovery program can perform. You can also use the program to recover large files. You can also access and use this software for as long as you wish. Yes, it allows for a limitless amount of time, making it quite convenient to utilize. It’s no surprise that this program is regarded as one of the top Hard Drive Data Recovery Software available.

2. WinHex

Data Recovery Software

This HDD recovery software is regarded as an expert since it includes numerous capabilities that can assist you in recovering files that have been lost, corrupted, or deleted. It not only recovers the majority of files but also works with a variety of file types. Also, It has an auto-recovery solution for FAT 16, FAT 12, and other file systems.

It also handles pdf, zip, BMP, jpg, XML, and png file types, which you may find useful. You may also recover deleted files by name with it. Not to forget the automated procedure that assists you in using the existing file headers. As you’ve seen, this data retrieval application is quite useful. You must be able to take care of it without difficulty.

3. PCInspector

Data Recovery Software

If you’re looking for a program to help you retrieve data with the exact timestamp, it is something to go with. It also gives you the option of saving the restored data to cloud storage. It also supports various file types, including mp3, jpg, HTML, png, pdf, RTF, and many others. The capability to work with various types is advantageous because you want to ensure that most of your material is stored and retrieved in the most secure manner possible.

In addition, the software supports a variety of languages, namely German, French, and English. Even if the boot sector is broken, it can immediately locate the partitions. This software won’t have a problem with it. If you’re still unsure, give it a shot; you’ll find it to be really handy and beneficial for retrieving your vital data.

4. Data Recovery Wizard

Data Recovery Software

This utility is capable of restoring data that has been lost, destroyed, or formatted. There’s no need to be concerned about corrupted data any longer. If you have important data that has been damaged, you can use this software to retrieve it. It is extremely effective and useful, but it also features a user-friendly system that makes it simple to use. You can restore lost documents, files, photographs, videos, and much more because the lost data might be in many forms and formats.

What if the infection causes you to lose your data? There’s no need to be concerned. This tool is strong and capable of recovering deleted files. If this happens, you can also restore the partitions. Another beneficial feature is the ability to refine the scanned results by file format. It may appear easy, but it is quite useful since it spares you a lot of time and effort. This application also allows you to recover up to 1000 different file kinds, which is a plus. The feature that it is compatible with various electrical gadgets is another appealing feature of this software.

5. Recuva

Data Recovery Software

If you’ve ever had to retrieve the data from corrupted, broken, or deleted files, you already know how useful Recuva is. Using this utility, you can recover files and documents from an MP3 player, iPod, floppy disk, sd cards, or hard disks. You can also use it to recover data from broken or recently formatted hard disks. The program works flawlessly when it refers to retrieving unsaved documents. You may trust it to run well enough and efficiently because it handles all versions of Windows.

Well, This program will provide you with everything you need if you just want an easy way to recover all of your lost files. There are no complications or complicated procedures. You may also simply use the Deep Scan option, which is quite helpful in locating evidence of unintentionally deleted data. Emails from Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook Express can all be recovered using this method. In short, if you’re looking for practical software that’s also simple to use, go no further. There’s a reason why this application exists.

6. TestDisk

Data Recovery Software

The finest Data Recovery Software for Windows is TestDisk. This software was intended to recover partitions that had been damaged and undelete files that had been deleted. This tool would be ideal for restoring files that have been erased due to human error or a virus. This software, like others, offers its own set of useful functions. To begin, it effectively recovers files from the NTFS, FAT, and exFAT file systems. Secondly, you might use it to retrieve the partition table and the erased partition. Finally, using the recovery from the four NTFS files, it may restore the Master File Table. It’s also adaptable, allowing it to run on a variety of major operating systems. Windows, macOS, Linux, and DOS are all supported.

It may take some time to get used to the software. It takes time to get used to running it. However, you may rest confident that the software will complete the task correctly and efficiently. There’s a cause it’s regarded as one of the most effective Hard Drive Data Recovery Software ever devised.

7. Wise Data Recovery

Data Recovery Software

This program will assist you in restoring and retrieving any deleted files or photos from either your local machine or a portable device. The software also supports data retrieval from NTFS and FAT disks and other sources. You can select the file formats before running the analysis so that you know which ones to restore.

Once you begin the recovery procedure, the program may also display the information and whether or not the data are recoverable. Another beneficial aspect of this software is that it is functional with all Windows versions – imagine being able to recover all of your deleted emails, files, and movies without breaking a sweat. Additionally, the software offers a portable version that you may use to obtain data without installing it.

8. Active Undelete

Data Recovery Software

Are you looking for the best Data Recovery Software for Windows for recovering deleted files and restoring partitions that have been lost or damaged? As the name implies, this tool will help you retrieve any erased directory or document from your logical drives. The application is compatible with various OSes, namely Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8, and Windows 10. In addition, you can retrieve files from USB drives, digital cameras, SSDs, HDDs, and other storage devices. The best part about this program is that the most recent version includes wizards for quickly restoring documents.

Furthermore, the software allows users to save photographs, email, files, ebooks, audio, videos, and even more and scan for erased partitions. You may even look for files by looking at their signatures. Because everything is made simple and clear, the process will be faster and easier.

9. DiskDrill

If you’ve permanently deleted documents, you probably think that everything is gone. Unfortunately, if you have this application, that isn’t the case. Deleted files from FAT and NTFS disks can be browsed, found, and then previewed. It also handles hard disks, sd cards, and flash drives to make the process simpler and more convenient.

The application offers some useful features, such as the ability to access and recover files in various formats. It also has a user interface that is current and simple to use, which aids in data retrieval. It also can retrieve the complete hard drive partition. Additionally, the application has its filtration capabilities to make it easier to search media and other documents without breaking a sweat.

10. Active Uneraser

Uneraser is a file recovery program that can restore erased files. You won’t have to pay anything to get this because it’s freeware. It not only performs well with Windows, but it also functions well with other operating systems. It also shows both physical and logical drive details, allowing you to complete the operation quickly and efficiently.

This program is also useful for recovering data from disk images and also broken partitions and drives. The application can help you recover data from SD cards, USB drives, SSDs, and hard drives. It allows you to scan for damaged disk partitions and then restore them. You can expect seamless and smooth performance with two devices and drive scan kinds. In a flash! If that’s included in a listing of the most effective Hard Drive Data Recovery Software that has ever operated, it makes sense.

11. Stellar Data Recovery Professional

Stellar recovery has been in business for over 20 years and has established itself as a trusted name in data recovery software. Well, It lacks some of the advanced features found in other solutions, but it has a good track record of successfully recovering common file types.

Stellar Photo Recovery can recover lost or deleted files from a wide range of digital storage devices. The tool allows for recovery on a wide range of unique platforms, including action and drone cameras. A simple and user-friendly interface makes data recovery simple, and it can be used to recover data from encrypted drives.

12. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a data recovery solution that provides users with an easy way to recover lost or deleted files. The tool’s free trial version allows Windows users to recover up to 2 GB of data.

Well, This tool is a comprehensive data recovery application with a simple user interface that recovers deleted files with a few clicks. Prior to recovery, recoverable items can be previewed to ensure that the correct files are restored. In addition, filters allow you to control the scanning process so that it only looks for the files you want.

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Verdict: Hard Drive Data Recovery Software For Windows

These are the applications that will assist you in your data recovery efforts. You can efficiently save files and data if you have this Data Recovery Software for Windows.


Which Free Hard Drive Recovery Software Do You Recommend?

We highly recommend WinHex, Data Recovery Wizard, Recuva, and Disk Drill as the Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software.

How Can I Freely Retrieve Files From My HDD?

If some other file partly overwrites the lost file, the Hard Drive Data Recovery Software will not restore it. Well, The best data recovery software should support all file types and storage devices. It must also be able to retrieve data from any sort of storage device. The core structure of the hard drive is usually accessible to data recovery software. In extracting data from damaged storage media, this software analyzes and references the file structure elements.

How Much Does Data Recovery From A Hard Disk Cost?

Simple hard disk data recovery fees might vary from $100 to $1000, depending on several factors. The expense of data recovery is determined by the extent of the loss and the time necessary to restore the content. If the hard drive dies physically, the expense of retrieving data from it could become prohibitively expensive.

How Can I Restore Photos Off My Hard Drive?

If you accidentally delete images from your Recycle Bin or don’t have any copies, Data Recovery Software for Windows may be required. Data recovery software analyses your hard disk for data that appear to be permanently lost. When it comes to data recovery features of Windows 10, Disk Drill for Windows 10 is a fantastic option. Disk Drill for Windows 10 is a powerful data recovery program that can restore files up to 500MB in size.

Is It Safe To Use Data Recovery Services?

It is the greatest option if you employ data recovery solutions since your data is managed by experts who can assist you in recovering files, videos, and images from your hard drive.

Can I Recover Data From An SSD?

Is it possible to restore data from an SSD? Yes. We understand that SSD TRIM technology will make data recovery tools almost impossible not to retrieve data from SSD devices. Data can be recovered from erased or formatted partitions using an SSD data recovery tool.

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