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11 Best Sites To Download Subtitles To Watch Movies

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Today’s article is regarding sites to download subtitles. Subtitles in the comprehension of foreign languages and also the interpretation of difficult-to-follow discourse. If you’re watching a movie on Blu-ray or DVD, you might see a subtitle track. However, it’s normally only in one or two languages.

Let us now express our gratitude to the greatest sites to download subtitles that are accessible online so that you might watch movies in languages other than your own. Finally, we provide a detailed review of a lot of websites, both well-known and hidden.

11 Best Sites To Download Subtitles To Watch Movies

Sites to download subtitles to watch movies.


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The Addic7ed is the second greatest source to download subtitles. Addic7ed means addicted, as the name implies. The goal is to give visitors something like a one-stop-shop to download subtitles. Addic7ed, like OpenSubtitles, provides downloads not just for movies and anime but also TV programs.

To download subtitles for a movie, you must first register for Addic7ed. After that, you’ll be able to browse for movies using a search option or by browsing through the drop-down list once you’ve successfully registered. In addition, newly released movies are usually listed at the top of the front page in an RSS feed.

Addic7ed also has a calendar to help you keep organized by showing you when your favorite TV shows will be released next. In addition, there is a forum where you may get answers to commonly asked questions and get help. Instructional pages can also describe how to utilize the subtitles in conjunction with the most common programs. Like the previous subtitles site, this website offers a variety of languages, ranging from Swedish to Arabic.

2. OpenSubtitles

Download Subtitles

OpenSubtitles may have been the first website you want to download from among the five million movie subtitle libraries available online. This website truly is a worldwide affair, with over 50 different language options to choose from. In addition, you can use OpenSubtitles to search the web in a range of languages, from Vietnamese to Aragonese.

The reliability of this subtitle provides every upload with the date of uploading, the title of the movie, comments, and ratings. The subtitles can then be seen by using the important search option at the top of this page. Furthermore, you can search the subtitles by age, format, rating, and far more, in addition to using the extended search field.

This subtitle source, luckily, contains not only movie subtitles but also TV series subtitles. You can also join the discussion board, where users share their experiences and tips to download subtitles.

3. YIFY Subtitles

Download Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is yet another simple-to-use service to download subtitles. Unlike most other big subtitle download sites, this one exclusively has movie subtitles. To put it another way, you shouldn’t expect to download subtitles for TV shows or seasons. What fantastic fortune! The use of YIFI Subtitles is safe and protected from piracy. It offers a multilingual interface and a huge list of newly released movies and sections that split movies by language.

A search function is available to use if you’re looking for a specific movie. There’s also an autosuggestion feature that lets you find a certain version as you type. In addition, there’s data on the movie provided, such as the release date, length, and rating, as well as the mentioned subtitles. YIFI Subtitles is an open-source website that you are free to use. There are no formalities for signup. Unfortunately, this subtitle website only accepts the provided subtitles. Therefore you won’t be able to post your own.

4. Podnapisi

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Podnapisi is an English movie subtitle website that is believed to be clean and easy to use. The Podnapisi promises over 2 million subtitles for everybody to download, even though it may appear to be serving the global market. There are approximately 58,000 movies and 6,000 TV shows available on the website incomplete. In Podnapisi, there are distinct areas that are separated from one another. The main page shows a list of the most recently added subtitles and the most downloaded and commented-on files.

Like other movie subtitle websites, this website allows you to search for movie subtitles using a comprehensive search tool that includes options for years, keywords, language, and other factors. If you’re having trouble finding your chosen movie, there will be an extensive support area where you can ask questions and debate the new releases. In addition, Podnapisi features a forum that helps users translate the website into different languages, ranging from Xhosa to African languages.

5. Subs4Free

Download Subtitles

Would you still expect to be able to download subtitles for free in the future? Then, subs4Free is another option that is strongly recommended. Yes, Subs4Free is a website where you can download subtitles for movies and TV shows. It also allows you to look at the most popular subtitles as well as their precise resolution.

This subtitle website has a few features to provide. To begin, this platform’s information is offered in two languages: English and Greek. Furthermore, you may simply find all of the movies and Tv shows using the extended search box.

The third function of this subtitle website is the ability to visualize the listed movies related to the most recent subtitle. It also shows the availability of the most recently posted subtitles.

6. Subscene

Download Subtitles

Subscene is another excellent source to download subtitles from our list. This service, which dates back to 2005, offers a variety of languages, including ones specifically developed for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. Subscene offers a straightforward user experience with a big search field at the top of the front page. In addition, you’ll notice a list of the most popular movies and forum topics when you go to the main screen. This is most likely intended to entice you to click straight on the movies you might be fascinated by.

Subscene users provide constant updates, as well as a signup website that allows you to upload your subtitles. In terms of popular materials, movies and some TV show subtitles are available for free download on this website. If you’re having trouble navigating the website, the discussion forum is here to assist you. You can ask them a query, and they’ll direct you to dozens of conversations in a variety of languages. As a result, you’ll have no trouble finding either forums or tutorials on this website. Each movie mentioned on this website has its title page with detailed information about the movie. The year of launch, for instance, is accompanied by a list of subtitles grouped by user-generated remarks and ratings.

7. English-Subtitles

Download Subtitles

You must now be satisfied with your research! Yes, you may download English Subtitles as a service with a subtitle database for thousands of movies. It includes a fantastic dark mode Interface that allows you to find the movies you want without any effort quickly. What are the fantastic features that this subtitle service has to offer?

Owing to the accessibility of classic movies and TV series, that you can store for sentimental viewing. Furthermore, English Subtitles is a free subtitle that displays the most recently uploaded subtitles and also a feature that allows for easy navigating so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly. This website to download English subtitles also includes SRT, a simple way to get movie subtitles.

8. BollyNook

Are you a Bollywood movie buff? If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to learn that BollyNook is a website dedicated to allowing you to get Bollywood movies subtitles. Also, It allows you to download the movie in various languages, including English, Dutch, Arabic, French, and others.

Owing to the platform’s features, you can quickly upload and download subtitles for your favorite movies. You can also sort the subtitles list by year, frame, and other criteria. BollyNook, trust this or not, is one among the top locations for downloading subtitles and searching for lyrics deals. Do you want to know more? There is a link to browse Bollywood headlines and specific information about the stars who appear in the movies you are most familiar with.

9. Subdl

Subdl is popular to Download English Subtitles from their collection. It does come with a big library of subtitles to look through. This subtitles service provides customers with an easy-to-use search bar that allows them to find downloadable subtitles quickly.

Subdl is a subtitle downloading service in English that organizes all of the subtitles by movie release. The platform’s functions include the option to display subtitles for movies in English, Dutch, Italian, French, and other languages, as well as the option of four languages to screen out subtitles SRT downloads and a distinct part of subtitles with varied time stamps.


There are still plenty of services where you can effortlessly search for and watch movies. For example, Subtitles.hr is a service that allows you to download subtitles in a variety of languages. You may also see the year and date of the subtitles, just like many other movie subtitles sites.

However, just two options are available. Firstly, you can begin searching for subtitles by entering specific characters, and secondly, you can look at the names of the best contributors on the main page of this website. These functions do not appear to be available on any other large subtitles website.

11. TVsubs

TVsubs is perhaps one of the most popular services to Download English Subtitles. It has a wide range of languages to choose from. It arrives with the subs compressed and stored and WinZip aid, as the name implies. This website allows you to get subtitles for both TV shows and movies. TVsubs, like Subdl, may screen subtitle content according to the user’s preferred language. You may also view statistics such as week and day, month, and overall downloads.

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Overall, having the finest sites to Download English Subtitles on your machine is essential so that you might watch movies and TV shows with subtitles. Furthermore, having the greatest subtitles services would be incredibly good and beneficial if you genuinely enjoy movies but don’t want to try to grasp the difficult-to-follow speech. Then why not just go to one of our suggested download sites right now?

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