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It is sometimes necessary to learn more about a person; however, this becomes challenging owing to limited resources. However, as technology has advanced, it has been simpler in recent years. Free People Search websites or Free people finders are the websites that can aid you in your search for people.

These Free People Search Sites may obtain complete information on a person, such as their full name, phone numbers, email addresses, internet usernames, employment history, friends, etc.

All of these Free People Search websites are listed below, and you may use them to learn more about any individual. I’ve provided an overview of these Free People Search sites on the list for your convenience.

10 Best Free People Search Engines in 2022 [WORKING]

Here is the list of the best Free People Search Sites and Search Engines in 2022.

1. That’sThem

That’sThem is among the best Free People Search Sites or free people finder sites you can use to find information about a stranger. On That’sThem, for example, you can look for a long-lost buddy, long-distance family members, or relatives. This free people finder also provides sensitive information about an individual, such as an income and spending list.

This true people search is initially available for free. However, if the details are not found in their database, it may redirect your query to a paid gateway.

Price: Free and paid

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2. Intelius

Intelius is one of the best entirely Free People Search Sites or search engines. Its performance is excellent. Intelius has set the bar for other people-oriented search engines. The Intelius website is dedicated to obtaining up-to-date information on individuals.

Put a person’s first and last name in the search box to begin an online search. In addition, this free people search app offers a reverse phone number lookup service. With this search option, you may have an address and email search.

This best people finder is one of those Free People Search websites that consistently provide solid results. You may use Intelius to see if your information is available on the dark web. Then, you may use the location’s name to conduct a fast search for it.

Price: Free and paid

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3. Pipl

Next in our list of the best Free People Search Sites is Pipl. It is another people-finder website that uses global identity information for presenting search results. Pipl provides information based on a person’s personal, professional, and social identities. For example, a contact number, email address, and other information about a person may be found here.

Pipl, on the other hand, is not a free website for Sachin people online. On the contrary, access to a worldwide identification database requires a monthly cost.

Price: Paid

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4. ZabaSearch

When looking for Free People Search websites, it’s unfair not to include ZabaSearch as one of the first people-finders. Therefore ZabaSearch has been among the top people-finder solutions accessible in the industry since 2005.

Assume you’re seeking persons who have lost their contact information and address. In that instance, this fast people search free, provides services at almost no cost because it covers all public data in its database.

As part of its infrastructure, ZabaSearch features a reserve search engine. The user can start his search by inputting the person’s name and phone number.

ZabaSearch, like Thatsthem or TruePeopleSearch, does not need users to create an account or register to run a background check. Instead, ZabaSearch’s report, like other mentioned sites, supplies you with all of your personal information, including phone numbers and addresses, names, and even your age.

Price: Free and paid

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5. LinkedIn

Are you seeking for the best Free People Search Sites 2022? LinkedIn is the most popular business search site, where you may locate both individual individuals and company units. All LinkedIn users get access to a complete report on a person’s education and professional background. Furthermore, because LinkedIn is an internationally recognized site, you may anticipate making national and international contacts.

However, anytime you view a person’s profile, it notifies them that they have been visited. However, by purchasing one of their pro memberships, you may also avoid this feature.

Price: Free and paid

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6. TinEye

If we talk about the top-rated Free People Search Sites, TinEye will assist you if you want to discover someone but have their photo with you. It merely requires you to enter the person’s image to search. This people search free site will then provide you with all of the information on the photo owner. In addition, the report includes information such as an email address, name, etc.

TinEye’s biggest feature is that it does not require sign-in or registration to access its user database. That is, you will receive the result immediately and without any complications.

Price: Free

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7. PeekYou

It is one of the highly-rated Free People Search Sites or people finder websites. With its extensive capabilities, this is a one-of-a-kind tool that will make your job of locating individuals easier. PeekYou also offers a reverse search tool that allows you to discover any people using the images. Furthermore, this people search free public records, searches all social media, websites, and public domains for any reports about your chosen entity.


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PeekYou is an entirely free platform to use. However, if you want a more advanced option, it will send you to a premium website.

Price: Free and paid

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8. Google

If you are looking for the best Free People Search Sites or free people finder sites, then Google is a perfect choice. Our most popular and well-known search engine, Google, may also be used to find people online. Google has the most comprehensive database, which contains practically every imaginable piece of information. So it’s a good idea to start your search for a person’s report with Google. The search engine’s results may be filtered to find the most relevant results for you.

Google person finder also has a reverse image search function that is far more efficient than any reverse image search site. Because of its ease of use & widespread acceptance, it is one of the most popular selections on the list.

Price: Free

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9. White

It is one of the most popular Free People Search Sites for obtaining a person’s complete information. White allows you to verify a stranger’s identification, check their history, and even look up their criminal records. The big database that holds a great number of diverse data individuals and their company contact information is the major reason behind White’s adaptability.

You may also use this site to search for any business organization’s location and contact information.’s user interface makes it simple to conduct a successful search.

Price: Free and paid

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10. FindPeopleSearch

Next in our list of the best Free People Search Sites is FindPeopleSearch. This people finder free online is a reverse image search and people search engine that provides users with reliable results. FindPeopleSearch has a massive collection of information about persons. For example, you may find someone by entering their age, phone number, location, or other minor facts.

It is more likely that you will obtain the information from their core database, which is open to the public. If this is not the case, you can use FindPeopleSearch’s premium searches.

Price: Free and paid

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