14 Best Games like Among Us To Play With Friends

Games like Among Us

Following Fall Guys’ phenomenal popularity, another game has become the buzz of the town. Yes, we’re talking about Among Us, which recently surpassed Fall Guys as the most-streamed game. However, this is not all. According to Sensor Tower, Among Us has surpassed all other games in terms of downloads on Google Play and Apple App Stores. Therefore, if you loved playing Among Us and sought further games of a similar nature, you have come to the correct spot. We’ve compiled a list of the 14 best games like Among Us with a similar social deduction theme. Therefore, without further ado, let us find our search for the best Among Us alternatives.

14 Best Games Like Among Us To Play With Friends

Here are our picks for the best games like Among Us to play with friends on the Web, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Xbox, and PlayStation 4.

1. Project Winter

Games like Among Us

Project Winter is a game like Among Us about betrayal, trust, and survival. As with Among Us, you must acquire resources, repair structures, and complete a sequence of tasks to enhance your power. However, keep in mind that traitors inside your group might acquire your trust to sabotage your group. In addition, traitors might disseminate false information about your teammates and divide the survivors. Essentially, Project Winter appears to be a viable alternative to Among Us in terms of theme.

Well, apart from that, unlike Among Us, where you can only speak via text, here you may converse via audio chat with near location assistance. Not to add that Project Winter is an eight-player multiplayer game, which is incredible. So, to summarise, if you’re looking for a game like Among Us that involves social deception and survival, Project Winter is an excellent choice.

2. Betrayal.io

Games like Among Us

If you’re seeking a game like Among Us that you can play on any device, Betrayal.io is the game for you. The game is accessible via a web browser and may be played on desktop computers and mobile devices. Apart from the web, it also features a newly released Android app. Furthermore, according to the creator, an iOS app will be released soon.

Now, on to the gameplay: Betrayal.io is based on the same principle as Among Us, but it’s far more difficult to play. Here, you may either play as a team and track down the betrayer, or you can find the role of the betrayer and deceive your teammates. You must complete tasks, and similar to Among Us, you can convene a conference to vote your enemies out. Overall, I’d say Betrayal.io is a fun new social deduction game and a viable alternative to Among Us that’s also quite approachable.

3. Secret Neighbor

Games like Among Us

The Secret Neighbor is among the few games like Among Us available on the Xbox console. Numerous fans have requested Among Us versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4; due to the game’s unique gameplay, developers have thus far refrained from bringing similar games to consoles. That being said, if you’re looking for a game that plays similarly to Among Us on Xbox, Secret Neighbor will not disappoint.

The game centers on six characters who infiltrate their neighbor’s home, only to find that one of the six players is the neighbor. He integrates himself with the team and gets their trust. The neighbor’s objective as the game develops is to trap other players and move them away from the closed basement door.

The game becomes extremely thrilling when players vanish, and pandemonium develops among the remaining teammates. And then, the investigation begins to find the group’s traitor. I’d say that Secret Neighbor has a large following due to its exceptional gameplay, and you should give it a shot if you enjoy deception games like Among Us.

4. Werewolves Within

Games like Among Us

The Werewolves Within is a social deduction VR game just like Among Us, and it’s available on PS4 too. It received a mixed reception from the gaming world, yet many are returning to Werewolves Within due to its unique gameplay. You can play in a team of up to eight players; each player is assigned a hidden role.

The game is quite fast-paced and forces you to choose between being a decent man and a traitor. The game takes place in Gallowston, a medieval village where werewolves spread havoc. You and your teammates are transported to medieval times to save the townspeople.

In one game, you can play as a villager attempting to save innocent people, while in another, you can play as a traitor. The objective is to find the hidden werewolf and eliminate the player to win the game. Simply put, Werewolves Within is a strong social deduction game like Among Us, and if you enjoy VR games on the PS4, this is an excellent choice.

5. Enemy on Board

Games like Among Us

Enemy on Board is another multiplayer online game that is somewhat similar to Among Us. You can have a team of eight players, six of them will be crew members, and two of whom will be picked as Alien imposters. Additionally, crew members must find and kill imposters to win the round.

The Alien imposters readily blend in with the crew members, making them more difficult to track down. Things deteriorate when the spaceship’s generators are damaged to prevent crew members from communicating.

And it is at this point crew members become distrustful of one another – all the while fixing the generators to maintain contact. So I would say, both in terms of graphics and gameplay, Enemy on Board is a wonderful alternative to Among Us, and you should give it a shot.

6. Undercover

Games like Among Us

Undercover is the next game on this list, and it simplifies the concept of hidden identity introduced in Among Us. All you need to play a local multiplayer game is a smartphone and three or more players. So essentially, if you’re looking for a way to involve everyone in a fun social deduction game, Undercover is an excellent choice. The game’s objective is to swiftly ascertain the identities of other players and eliminate them before they reach you.

Each player is assigned a role, ranging from civilian to covert to Mr. White. You must complete tasks while providing information to other users about the probable traitor. As the group shrinks, the game becomes increasingly fascinating about who Mr. White is. I’d suggest that if you’re looking for a straightforward deception game, Undercover is a good choice.

7. Deceit

Games like Among Us

Despite its fairly distinct gameplay, I included Deceit on this list because its theme — trust and deception — is extremely similar to Among Us’ social deduction technique. As with Among Us, you are charged with finding innocent players, establishing trust, and surviving in any way possible.

Deceit is similarly a multiplayer game with first-person shooter gameplay. However, unlike Among Us, there is no option for local multiplayer. Instead, you awaken in a seedy institution alongside five other unknown players. Two players are afflicted with a lethal virus and are searching for players to sabotage and kill innocent players.

On the other side, you must form alliances with other players exclusively based on your intuition. Be cautious; your acquaintance may turn out to be the infected player, resulting in your death. Deceit is a fast-paced, action-packed first-person shooter game that keeps you on your toes with betrayal, mistrust, and trust. I’d say that if you’re seeking a game like Among Us on PC, Deceit provides the best gaming experience.

8. Town of Salem

Well, The Town of Salem is one of the best Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows alternatives to Among Us. Additionally, the game is one of the most established social deduction strategy games, with a player population of over 8 million gamers. While Among Us allows for up to ten players in a multiplayer game, Town of Salem supports up to fifteen players, which makes to the game’s intrigue.

Not to mention, Among Us lacks a large cast of characters, and roles are allocated randomly, whereas Town of Salem lets you choose your favorite character from a cast of 33. Because the game’s viewpoint and breadth are considerably broader, you truly appreciate the game of trust and betrayal. As with Among Us, you can play as a Town member (a decent man), a Mafia member, a serial killer, an arsonist, or a neutral.

As a town member, you are tasked with defending the town’s other good people, but you are unaware of a player’s hidden role. The players may become mafia or serial killers and may kill you. Overall, Town of Salem is a more elaborate version of Among Us, and I am confident you will like this social deduction game.

9. Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online is not only a survivor-traitor game, as Among Us is, but rather incorporates a variety of gameplay components. You may harvest resources and protect your village against bad forces in this game. However, there is a catch. You have liars inside your village plotting the demise of your team and village.

Amid mistrust and deception, you must track out the village’s liar and find it. A multiplayer game may have up to 16 players, which is fantastic. Apart from that, each game has various villages and teams. The round is won by the last team standing that has dismissed all traitors. If you want to experience survival, deathmatch, and finally, deception, Werewolf Online is one of the best Android and iOS alternatives to Among Us.

10. Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight is one of the best party games. It plays very similarly to Among Us but requires a local multiplayer setup. As a result, the game is only playable in groups of two or four players. In terms of gameplay, you’re tasked with completing tasks without bringing notice to yourself. You must blend among a crowd of AI characters and complete tasks in this game. Additionally, you must eliminate crowd members without being seen by other players.

There are also additional game types, such as Death Race and Elimination, in which you are placed in a precarious situation and must avoid attracting notice. So, to summarise, if you’re looking for another game like Among Us to play on your PC, Hidden in Plain Sight is strongly recommended.

11. Unfortunate Spacemen

Similar to Among Us, which takes place on a spacecraft, Unfortunate Spacemen explores the same themes of murder and betrayal in an otherworldly setting. Death is an inherent part of space that exists, and every spaceman is always attempting to avert death. You may play with up to 16 other players and complete difficult tasks to escape the monsters that have taken over space.

You may traverse the area, conceal yourself, and even spy on other players to hunt them. The game features a variety of modes, including Story Mode, in which you must face the Crumerian insect swarm, and Survival Mode, in which you must battle enormous swaths of enemies.

The best part about Unfortunate Spacemen is that, unlike Among Us, you can communicate with other players via voice chat, which is incredible. There is no reason to run Discord in the background. Thus, all I can say is that if you’re looking for another game set in space along the lines of Among Us, Unfortunate Spacemen will not disappoint.

12. First Class Trouble

The primary themes of First Class Trouble are on “Among Us,” such as betrayal and survival. It is a multiplayer game compatible with Android, Play Station, and iOS devices. It’s a party game in which players collaborate and compete to survive. Whatever role you play as a human Resident or a Personoids, you must utilize common sense and wit to survive. In this game, you must deceive yourself into a fascinating and dangerous world. The game is rife with perplexing options and outlandish events.

13. Dread Hunger

Dread Hunger’s survival and betrayal themes are similar to those in “Among Us,” making it an excellent alternative. In this game, eight players, or Explores, go on a trip across the dangerous Arctic, and among their crew are two traitors who would stop at nothing to cause havoc for these Explorers. Therefore, you must betray your friends and consume anything you can get your hands on to survive.

14. Triple Agent

So you’re a fan of Among Us’ deceitful tactics? To replicate the experience, you may download and play Triple Agent on your Android or iOS device. The game is hidden with deception, concealed identities, betrayal, and social deduction. The biggest feature of this game is that it can be played on a single device with up to nine players. Each gaming session lasts ten minutes and involves players being allocated hidden roles.

One might be a Service agent or a double agent for a Virus. While making your selection, you must create uncertainty among the players and divulge suspicious facts to disguise your identity. Finally, at the game’s conclusion, each player casts a vote to determine the traitor. While not as interesting as Among Us, the game incorporates trickery and deduction aspects. So I’d say go ahead and give it a shot.

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Conclusion: Games Like Among Us To Play With Friends

That concludes our list of the best Among Us alternatives. As we went through the list, it became evident that social deduction is a relatively young genre, with few games devoted to the theme. However, things appear to be changing now that Among Us has been a hit. We expect to see more survivor-traitor games on numerous platforms, including consoles, in the coming days. That concludes our contribution. If you found the list useful, please leave a comment below to let us know.

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