8 Best GIF Keyboard For iPhone You Can Use

GIF Keyboard For iPhone

Looking for the best GIF Keyboard For iPhone? Then this article is for you. GIF keyboards are highly popular these days, as sending GIFs is the most usual way to convey emotion in a fun manner. Emotions are important to all communication between two individuals, whether verbal or written. That is why, even while communicating via text, plenty of emoticons and GIFs are exchanged. With the passage of time, sending GIFs has developed into a fantastic method of conveying thoughts and feelings in an amusing manner.

Due to the growing popularity in sending GIFs, many GIF keyboards for iPhone have been launched, making sending GIFs easier than ever. Additionally, the quantity of GIFs appears to be expanding, providing us with an abundance of possibilities to examine. Today, check out these incredible and unique GIF keyboards and discover new ways to express yourself. This article compiles a list of the 8 best GIF keyboards for the iPhone. Therefore, without further ado, let us begin pining them down one by one.

8 Best GIF Keyboard For iPhone

GIF Keyboard For iPhone you can use.

1. Kika Keyboard

GIF Keyboard For iPhone

Kika is the best GIF keyboard for iPhone. Not only can you email and share GIFs with the Kika keyboard installed, but also stickers, emotions, emoticons, creative fonts, and hilarious faces. Well, With over 20 million users, it is one of the most popular GIF keyboards for Apple users and therefore deserves to be included in our list of the best GIF keyboards for iPhone.

2. Fleksy Keyboard

GIF Keyboard For iPhone

Fleksy is a fantastic keyboard that is entirely configurable and one of the fastest GIF keyboards available for iPhone. It is a fun and inventive way to communicate with your friends and family. Easily find GIFs and stickers to express oneself in the most creative way possible. Its Highlights Extension is a must-have feature that you should never disable.

3. SwiftKey Keyboard

GIF Keyboard For iPhone

A fantastic app that is well-known for its productivity. Download today and upgrade from your outdated keyboard. SwiftKey has a global user base of more than 250 million users. It enables hassle-free typing and a plethora of emoji, GIFs, and other image alternatives. It includes a library of over 1000 animated GIFs that help make every moment to life. SwiftKey caters to a broad range of users. Numerous colors, themes, patterns, and designs are appropriate for every event or situation.

4. GIF Keyboard

GIF Keyboard For iPhone

Increase the tone of your chat by using the GIF keyboard. With GIF keyboard iPhone loaded on your iPhone or iPad, you may make your own GIFs or use pre-existing ones to express yourself precisely. GIFs are an excellent form to express your emotions, feelings, and clever reactions.

5. Gfycat

GIF Keyboard For iPhone

Gyfcat is an incredible GIF Keyboard for iPhone that enables users to post high-quality GIFs and stickers on nearly every social networking site, including Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. It has a diverse collection of GIFs. In addition, Emojis and stickers are available.

6. FancyKey Keyboard

FancyKey is a completely customizable GIF keyboard for iPhone. It is brimming with features such as autocorrect, designer fonts, emoji, and GIFs. Not only does it have a plethora of features, but it also places a premium on user security. The finest features to rely on are the integrated emoji keyboard’s auto-suggest emojis and GIFs. With all of these incredible features, FancyKey definitely deserves a spot on our list of the best free GIF keyboards for iPhone.

7. Rainbowkey Keyboard

RainbowKey is a brand-new intelligent GIF keyboard for iPhone. Make the vibrancy, style, and fun of your communications with cool fonts, vibrant images, and adorable emoji! Customize your keyboard with your favorite images – you have complete creative freedom! RainbowKey’s integration with the world’s largest GIF collection, which includes Giphy, Tumblr, and Tenor, among others, will provide you with an incredible experience when sharing GIFs, stickers, and emojis to your friends over iMessage.

8. FUN Keyboard

Replace your keyboard with the most fun and customized app available. FUN KEYBOARD enables you to express yourself creatively. Texting just got better with hundreds of free stickers, attractive typefaces, and amusing GIFs. Additionally, this app allows you to create your own keyboard by using your own photographs as keyboard themes. Create your own theme and have your own individual texting companion.

Wrapping Up: GIF Keyboard For iPhone

Why would someone settle for less when there is so much available? Not only do the aforementioned 8 best GIF keyboards for iPhone allow you to enter words, but they enable you to communicate your emotions with the most stunning GIFs, Emoji, and stickers. So make them now on your iOS smartphone and spice up dull talks.

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