How To Find Halfway Point On Google Maps (Quick Guide)

Halfway Point On Google Maps

The Google Maps is one of the most widely used navigation apps available. In this quick guide, we’ll demonstrate how to find the halfway point on Google Maps. Well, there are 2 ways to accomplish this: either use the Measure Distance option or manually calculate the coordinates. As an added bonus, we’ll include a few useful alternatives at the end of this post.

Solution: How To Find The Midpoint Between Two Points On Google Maps

Google Maps does not include a feature for finding the halfway point. In other words, the app cannot determine the midpoint between two distinct locations or even multiple locations.

Measure The Distance

A simple workaround is to measure the distance between the two points and find the midpoint. We’ve already published a quick guide on how to use Google Maps to measure distances.

To begin, right-click on your starting point, select the Measure distance option, and then click again on the map to mark the second location.

Halfway Point On Google Maps

Calculate The Halfway Point Using Coordinates

Another solution is to perform the math and calculate the midpoint using coordinates.

1- To begin, you must obtain the coordinates of each point.

2- Then, multiply the latitudes of each by two.

3- Then, multiply the longitudes of each location by two.

4- Make a note of the new coordinates. What you get are the midpoint’s latitudes and longitudes.

5- Update Google Maps with the new coordinates.

Solution: How To Find The Central Location Between Multiple Addresses

Don’t have time to manually measure the distance between two points or search for the correct coordinates? You can use a web app to determine the halfway point between two or more addresses automatically.

Indeed, we recommend using a web matter if you need to find the midpoint between multiple locations. When finding the halfway point between two or more points that are not located in the same octant of the globe, the two methods outlined above lose their accuracy and relevance.

WhatsHalfway, MeetWays, and A place between us are three excellent web apps that automatically calculate the halfway point between two locations. So enter your addresses, select the type of venue, and let the tools do the rest. That is all.

As you can see, Google Maps is not the most user-friendly tool for finding the halfway point. Hopefully, the search giant will add this feature into Maps in the near future.

The Bottom Line:

To find the halfway point between two Google Maps addresses, you can either measure the distance between the two locations or use coordinates to calculate the midpoint. Alternatively, you can use a web application that will perform the calculations for you. Which of these options would you prefer to use? Tell us in the comments section below.

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