How To Fix HBO Max Not Working On Roku (Complete Guide)

HBO Max Not Working

HBO Max Not Working On Roku: On Roku, HBO Max is now available. The Roku users can now stream their favorite HBO movies and series on their devices after a lengthy wait. You can watch classic TV shows like The Big Bang Theory or Friends. There are also Max Originals available, such as The Flight Attendant. The downside is that HBO Max may not always work on Roku. Users may occasionally encounter a variety of technical difficulties. Well, We’re going to focus on the most common ones in this guide and how to fix HBO Max Not Working On Roku.

Solution: How To Fix HBO Max Not Working On Roku

1. Restart Roku And Reboot Your Modem

Before proceeding with the remainder of the troubleshooting steps, restart your Roku device and modem. If the issue is related to network connectivity, restarting your device should fix it.

1- Remove your Roku streaming stick physically. Reinstall it to carry out a hard reset.

2- Or go to Settings → System and select System restart.

HBO Max Not Working

2. Update Roku Or Upgrade Your Device

HBO Max is only compatible with Roku 9.3 and later. Therefore, if you’re still using an older Roku model, such as the Roku 2500, you’ll need to upgrade. HBO Max will not play smoothly on any Roku model that does not receive the latest updates.

To update Roku, navigate to Settings by pressing the Home button on the remote. Then, select System → System Update and run an update check.

HBO Max Not Working

If you own a Roku model running OS 9.4.0 or higher and are still unable to watch HBO Max, contact Roku support for assistance.

3. Disable Your VPN

To watch HBO Max on Roku, you must be a resident of the United States or certain US territories. Additionally, you must use your genuine IP address. You’ll receive an error message if you are using a VPN to conceal your IP address. After disabling your VPN software, check to see if you can watch HBO Max on Roku.

4. Re-Add The Channel

Well, Uninstalling and reinstalling the HBO Max app may fix a variety of bugs and glitches.

1- Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2- After that, navigate to Streaming Channels and click the Channel Store button.

HBO Max Not Working

3- On your remote, locate HBO Max and press OK.

4- After that, click Remove channel and confirm your selection.

HBO Max Not Working

Additional users confirmed that the following workaround worked for them.

1- Open the HBO Max app on your phone. After that, navigate to Settings → Devices and sign out of all your devices.

2- Now, unplug the HBO Max from the Roku and re-plug it in.

3- Reinstall HBO Max after restarting Roku.

Well, The reason you need to sign out of all devices is that Roku may still be retaining your previous HBO login credentials. As a result, HBO’s new Max channel will shut down.

Alternatively, you can cancel your HBO subscription. Then uninstall HBO and restart your Roku device. After you’ve completed those steps, re-add the HBO Max channel.

5. Search The Title

Rather than using the home screen to find a title to watch, select the search feature. Play the title that was found via the search screen.

There are some disadvantages to utilizing this workaround. You have access to only four controls: the seven-second replay, Pause, Forward, and Backward. There is no closed captioning or HBO Max menu available.

Additionally, attempt to navigate the menu very slowly. Allow two or three seconds for transitions between actions and selections. Numerous users confirmed that by implementing this simple workaround, they were able to avoid frequent crashes.

6. Clear The Cache

1- Select the HBO Max channel.

2- Select the channel to HBO Max.

3- After that, remove the channel. Well, To do so, press the asterisk button on your remote control and then select Remove channel.

4- Restart your Roku device in order to clear the cache.

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HBO Max And Roku 3500x Devices

Numerous Roku users who own 3500x Roku stick models have complained about their devices being unable to play HBO Max. HBO Max frequently struggles to load content but then abruptly stops working and returns to the home screen.

HBO Max appears to require more RAM and CPU power than Roku 3500x models can provide. So if you’re still using an older Roku device, you may want to upgrade your device.

HBO is extremely unlikely to create a lighter version of HBO Max for older Roku devices. And we doubt Roku will invest the time and resources necessary to create a dedicated app version that automatically clears the cache prior to HBO Max’s launch.

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