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How To Identify Font From An Image (Quick Guide)

by Mike
Identify Font

Today’s article is regarding how to identify font from an image. If you have recently come across an intriguing image and are curious about the font used, this guide is for you. Naturally, you can attempt to contact the image’s creator, but contact information is not always available.

In that case, you can utilize an online font recognition service such as WhatFontIs, MyFonts’ WhatTheFont, or FontSpring’s Font Finder. Alternatively, you can seek assistance from the Identify, This Font community on Reddit. But first, let’s take a look at the online tools for automatic font recognition.

What Are The Steps To Follow?

1- Download the image to your computer. Make an attempt to capture a crisp, high-quality image. If possible, avoid pixelated images. If saving the image to your device is not possible, you can specify an image URL.

2- Navigate to one of the above-mentioned online font recognition services. The following screenshots were taken with WhatFontIs.

3- Upload the image.

Identify Font

4- If the image contains multiple font styles, choose the one you’re interested in.

Identify Font

5- Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Next step button.

6- Adjust the image’s contrast, brightness, noise, and other settings as desired.

Identify Font

7- Scroll to the bottom and click Next.

8- Using the image as a guide, manually insert the characters.

9- You’ll be presented with a list of fonts that correspond to the image you uploaded.

10- Click the Download button to download the font.

Important Notes

Well, You may not always be satisfied with the results provided by these tools. After all, keep in mind that the win rate of font recognition is contingent upon a number of factors, including the following:

1- The Image Quality

Well, If you upload pixelated images, automated font finders will struggle to match the font on the image to the fonts in their database. This brings us to the next point.

2- The Font Database

The larger the font database, the more likely it is that an automated font finder will correctly identify it. Well, If the first tool you used did not produce satisfactory results, switch to another.

3- Text Orientation

If a section of text is struck through, it indicates that words are overlapping. As a result, the font recognition tool may be unable to identify the font.

Upload no images that contain identifying information about you. While the above-mentioned online tools are safe to use, the image processing portion occurs on a server.

Hackers are constantly lurking in the shadows, looking for an opportunity to find your personal information. They may decide to attack the servers of font recognition services at some point. Therefore, maintain vigilance and safeguard PII at all times (Personally identifiable information).

Reddit’s Identify This Font Community

Following that, if you’re not a fan of using an online font recognition tool, you can join the Identify This Font Reddit community.

Upload an image, and the Reddit community will suggest a font.

That concludes our discussion of how to identify fonts in images.

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