11 Best iMessage Alternatives For Android You Can Try

iMessage Alternatives

Looking for the best iMessage alternatives? Then this post is for you. iMessage is a cutting-edge instant messaging service developed by Apple Inc. that works only on Apple platforms such as iOS, macOS, iPad OS, and watchOS. Apple has continually strived to improve our iMessaging experience over time and each new release. iMessage is among our favorite texting programs, with features like adding unique effects to your messages and using emojis to communicate our exact sentiments. And, let’s face it, iMessage is something that Android users lust about! Don’t you think so?

Are you looking for an Android version of iMessage? Finally, you’ve arrived at the right location. We’ve compiled a list of 11 apps similar to iMessage that you can use on the Android system as an iMessage replacement, so you don’t miss out on anything. So let’s get this party started.

11 Best iMessage Alternatives For Android

iMessage Alternatives for Android you can try.

1. WhatsApp

iMessage Alternatives

We can’t live without WhatsApp Messenger, one of the most famous, go-to, and must-have instant messenger programs. Isn’t that so? WhatsApp paved the way for us, shifting from plain messages to this exciting platform where we may do a lot more than just “texting” much more straightforward. WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging program that works on nearly every device, including iOS, Android, macOS, and the web. As a result, WhatsApp is probably our first choice in messaging apps that we may use to interact with our loved ones, from exchanging stickers to sharing our live location among friends and family.

2. Viber

iMessage Alternatives

If you’re seeking iMessage alternatives for Android, Viber, which has over 1 billion active users globally, could be a good choice. Viber is a clean, clear, and intuitive user experience that allows you to send texts at breakneck speed. You can also share photographs, audio, videos, contacts, locations, and other data in addition to texts. Viber also lets you make low-cost international calls to landlines or others who aren’t on the app. Viber also includes a slew of extra features, such as self-destructing messages, chat extensions, group chats with up to 250 participants, and a slew of other handy tools.

3. Facebook Messenger

iMessage Alternatives

Looking for the best Android iMessage alternatives? Facebook Messenger is at the top of the list. Facebook Messenger has many features in common with iMessage, so Android users won’t be missing out on anything by using it. The Facebook Messenger app will not disappoint you when sending unlimited texts, exchanging stickers, emojis, GIFS, and other features. Furthermore, the feel and look of this Messenger software are identical to that of iMessage, with a lovely white and blue color scheme, making it a viable alternative to iMessage.

4. Google Messages

iMessage Alternatives

The official messaging app from Google, which you can use to text and interact with your family and friends, is next on our list. Google Messages supports the RCS, which gives users a better texting experience while also allowing them to take advantage of other features like online payments, file transfer, location sharing, and sending high-resolution photos. Another helpful feature of the RCS is that it allows supported operators to send and receive messages over WiFi or your cellular phone. Read receipts, group chats, chatting across the same WiFi network, discovery within conversations, and more are just a few of the capabilities available in Google Messaging to enhance your texting experience.

5. KakaoTalk

iMessage Alternatives

When it comes to Android iMessage alternatives, KakaoTalk is unquestionably the best. KakaoTalk is an excellent choice if you enjoy having fun discussions with your friends and family utilizing stickers, emoticons, GIFS, photographs, videos, voice notes, and more. In addition, KakaoTalk is a fast and dependable instant chat service with over 150 million active users worldwide.

6. Telegram

iMessage Alternatives

Looking for a texting app for Android that is lightning quick, dependable, and secure? Telegram Messenger is a good option. It’s not just an iMessage replacement for Android; it’s also a unique way to communicate with your dear ones. Telegram Messenger is one of the most significant messaging apps for all platforms, with over 500 million active users worldwide. One of the best features of this program is that it syncs all of your chats and media to the cloud, so you never have to worry about missing your essential discussions in any situation, regardless of file size type or limit. Apart from that, Telegram has a range of handy features such as self-destructing messages, stickers, and GIFs to make your conversations more enjoyable.

7. Kik

iMessage Alternatives

Kik Messenger is a fantastic tool for staying in touch with friends, exploring new places, and being informed. You only need to create a user profile to get started, and you may register for the app even if you don’t have a phone number. Yes, it is correct. To use Kik Messenger, you don’t need a phone number. You can also look for new friends with common interests by searching by username and immediately connecting with them. To get the most out of this messaging service, share photos, videos, GIFs, games, and more to get the most out of this messaging service.

8. Hangouts

Hangouts is a similar program to iMessage that lets you chat, make free audio/video calls with up to 10 friends, send stickers, GIFs, and more to stay in touch with your friends. With Hangouts, your chats are synchronized across all of your devices and platforms, including Android, iOS, and the web. In addition, it connects to your Google Voice account for calling, messaging, and voicemail integration.


LINE is the following app on our list of the top iMessage alternatives for Android. With LINE, you can express yourself with an infinite number of stickers, emoticons, and GIFs. You may also change the app’s look and feel by selecting a variety of pre-designed themes and layouts. With the LINE messaging program, you can communicate with your friends by text, audio, or video call. It also has a Timeline where you may share your random ideas and inform your pals how you’re feeling right now.

10. Signal

Are you more concerned about your privacy than anything else? Then, your rescuer could be Signal Messenger! You may use Signal Private Messenger to communicate quickly while maintaining your privacy. The Signal messaging app uses powerful end-to-end encryption to keep all of your messages safe.

11. WeChat

“WeChat” is extremely popular in China, with over a billion active users worldwide. However, what stands this messaging app apart is the option to create group chats with up to 500 people. Thus, if you wish to stay in contact with a few clients or a large number of pals, it can easily stand your needs.


Is There An Android Version Of iMessage?

Yes, many web-based messaging apps provide similar functionality and features to iMessage. However, instead of missing out on iMessage, Android users may make the most of their texting experience by downloading one of the iMessage alternatives listed above.

What Other Options Do I Have Than iMessage?

Android’s default messaging app is Google Messages. However, on your Android smartphone, you can use other apps like Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, or Telegram instead of iMessage.

The Bottom Line: iMessage Alternatives

So there you’ve it, the top 11 iMessage alternatives for Android that you can utilize without missing out on anything. To communicate with your loved ones, you can use any of the above-mentioned messaging apps. So just go ahead and try it; it’ll be a genuine delight!

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