12 Best iPhone AD Blockers To Block All Ads And Popups

iPhone AD Blockers

Life can be frustrating at times, and one of the reasons for this is the plethora of ads you encounter while surfing the internet. These ads might show everywhere on the website, like popups, or even reroute your clicks to ad-supported pages. This causes you to lose focus on your task and degrades your entire experience. We need iPhone Ad Blockers to get rid of adverts, and this article will cover the best iPhone Ad Blockers. Although ads are a source of revenue for many websites and help them stay afloat, they do have certain drawbacks. The following are some of the disadvantages of ads: 

  • Ads can lengthen the time it takes for a page to load. 
  • Ads use more data on the internet
  • The Ads might infect your computer with adware and trackers. 
  • Ads can divert your attention and focus away from the subject at hand. 
  • Ads can make surfing the web challenging and perplexing. 

12 Best iPhone AD Blockers

iPhone AD Blockers to block all ads and popups.

1. 1Blocker

iPhone AD Blockers

1Blocker is an excellent ad blocker that eliminates intrusive adverts and other distracting factors from your browsing experience. This program is easy to use and is a lightweight app, which means it uses few resources when operating in the background. There are also the following features: 

  • 43,000 blocking rules, 13,000 anti-trackers 
  • Automatic updates. 
  • Does not have an Acceptable Ads option. 
  • Works on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. 
  • Languages: 9 

2. Firefox Focus

iPhone AD Blockers

Mozilla’s Firefox Focus is an ad-free browser that supports 69 languages. It clears your browsing history, passwords, and cookies, as well as prevents ads. It allows for a smooth and quick browsing experience with no distractions. The following are only a few of its many features: 

  • All sorts of ads are blocked, including web trackers. 
  • Keep no logs or cookies on your computer. 
  • Aggressive blocking is enforced in many circumstances. 

3. AdGuard

iPhone AD Blockers

The next best ad blocker for iOS is AdGuard, which, unlike any other adblocker, integrates into the Safari browser. It’s an open-source tool, transparent and safe to use while blocking popup video advertising and different banners. There are also the following features: 

  • Many filters are available that can be changed at the user’s discretion. 
  • Safari browsing speed is improved by up to four times. 
  • There are 26 languages supported. 
  • Operates against web analytics data collectors and trackers. 

4. Ka-Block

iPhone AD Blockers

Ka-Block is an ad blocker for Safari that blocks all advertising and scripts, allowing you to browse more quicker. This program helps you save battery life and save data usage by removing all annoying adverts. The following are some of the features: 

  • It’s simple to use. 
  • Safari for Mac is supported. 
  • It’s free and open source. 

5. AdBlock for Mobile

iPhone AD Blockers

AdBlock for Mobile, which boasts over 50 million users worldwide, is next on our list of the top iPhone Ad Blockers. It’s simple to set up and includes an ad-blocking test. It does not, however, remove all non-obtrusive adverts on support websites. 

  • Multiple languages are supported. 
  • Allows for the use of the Test Function and the creation of a Whitelist. 
  • Automatically updates. 
  • Anti-trackers.

6. AdBlock Plus for Safari (ABP)

iPhone AD Blockers

The AdBlock Plus, which works with Safari Browser to eliminate tracking, viruses, and, most crucially, all disruptive adverts, is one of the popular iPhone Ad Blockers. It also has an acceptable ads option that the user can turn off. It has the following features: 

  • There are 16 languages supported. 
  • Adware, spyware, and malware are all blocked. 
  • Whitelisting of advertising is included. 
  • It conserves both data and battery life. 

7. AdBlocker

AdBlocker is one of the few iPhone ad blockers that can block adult websites. By preventing popups and advertising, this program safeguards your online privacy. In addition, it aims to increase productivity by removing annoying ads. There are also the following features: 

  • White Allow ads on a list of websites. 
  • By blocking ad images, you can save data. 
  • Websites will load five times faster. 
  • Technical assistance is available.

8. BlockBear

BlockBear is one of the best iPhone ad blockers, removing all website clutter such as popups, adverts, and banners from your iPhone. It protects your privacy online by preventing extensive tracking. The following are some of the other features: 

  • Make a whitelist of your favorite sites. 
  • You can block any combination of advertising. 
  • Websites load 3-5 times faster. 
  • Configuration and use are both simple.

9. Blocker

Blocker is next on our iPhone Ad Blockers list, gives its users a premium subscription with all of the best features. But unfortunately, it doesn’t save any user information or keeps any activity records. Instead, the blocker has a simple and easy-to-use ad-blocking tool with a user-friendly design. 

  • Multiple languages are supported. 
  • Provides a three-day trial version. 
  • Adult websites and social widgets are blocked. 

10. AdLock

Adlock offers privacy and safe browsing in the Safari browser. It features an extensive filter list that the user can alter to determine what should or should not be blocked. There are also the following features: 

  • Multiple languages are supported. 
  • Ads in video and audio are blocked. 
  • Ad-block fences are also removed. 
  • Defends the iPhone from phishing attempts. 

11. Avast Secure Browse‪r

It is well-known for its anti-virus and anti-malware capabilities. This Avast app offers comprehensive protection, including a VPN, ad blocker, and data encryption. It has 400+ million users and offers automatic privacy, quicker browsing without ads, powerful encryption, built-in VPN, unique browsing modes, private video downloader, and cross-platform sync.

12. Wipr

The app is meant to block trackers, ads, GDPR warnings, EU cookies, and cryptocurrency miners, as well as anything else that might compromise your privacy or negatively impact your online experience. It makes use of an upgraded blocklist to keep trackers from retrieving your data and conducting other activities. The main feature of the app is that they accept nothing from anybody (even in exchange for money) and follow a strict ‘No Ads’ policy. 

Wrapping Up: iPhone Ad Blockers

The list of iPhone ad blockers is now complete, and it’s time to make a decision. Choosing one is challenging, and because some of the apps mentioned above are free, it is recommended that you try each one separately to see which one best meets your needs. 

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