Notepaddqq Install On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – 18.04 LTS


Notepaddqq (Notepadqq) or Notepad++ is a popular source code and text editor for Microsoft Windows users. In Linux, “notepadqq” is a Notepad++ equivalent. Thus, notepadqq is a Linux equivalent of Notepad++; notepadqq is an open-source text editor, also known as a code editor, developed for developers. Without spending any time, thoroughly install the installation process for notepaddqq on Ubuntu Linux.

Notepaddqq Features:

1 – A color scheme is offered

2 – Users can get the multiple selections 

3 – 100+ language syntax highlighter also added 

4 – Notepaddqq now includes code folding

5 – Users can use the mathematical formulas for comment and display 

6 – Expression search is frequently used

How To Install Notepaddqq

1 – To begin, you must add the Ubuntu PPA repository, as the Notepadqq package is not included in the regular Ubuntu repository; so, we must install the Notepaddqq PPA repository using the following command.

You may use the following code: ID@linuxtechi:~$ sudo add-apt-repository PPA:notepadqq-team/notepadqq


Optional: You may proceed with the notepaddqq snap package installation process or skip step#2 below.

2 – Now, you have to refresh the apt-get command “ID@linuxtechi:~$ sudo apt-get update” OR “ID@linuxtechi:~$ sudo apt update.” 

3 – At this step, you must install the notepaddqq Debian package using the apt-get command line “ID@~$ sudo apt-get install notepadqq -y” or “ID@linuxtechi:~$ sudo apt install notepadqq -y.”

Installation Process Starts With The Support Of Ubuntu Software App:

4 – Connect to the Ubuntu Software App and search for “notepadqq” within the app. Then click on the search result and click Install.

5 – After clicking Install, the program will prompt us for a password; enter it and click Authenticate.

6 – When the install process is complete, the “Launch” button will show on the screen. As shown in the screenshot, click on it.


7 – By default, notepaddqq displays a blank page.

If you add the Ansible playbook’s content, some data will appear on your notpaddqq screen. You can see an example of this in the screenshot, where I insert material into notepaddqq.


Now you’ve discovered the simplest method to install notepaddqq on Ubuntu Linux. If you believe this method is too difficult for you, you may share your own in the comment method, and we can debate it in further depth. Meanwhile, if your experience with the process mentioned above has been beneficial, please share it with us. It motivates us to continue providing you with high-quality information technology content only at

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