Best Open Source CRM Software in 2022

Open Source CRM Software

Let’s explore the combination of CRM and open source by looking into the best 7 Open Source CRM Software.

CRM (Customer Connection Management) software assists you in connecting with and maintaining a positive relationship with your target audience, customers, and future customers. CRM is a technology that enables organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and businesses to maintain contact with their consumers, attract new audiences, and boost profitability.

Moreover, it is beneficial to your business since it identifies new clients, recognizes their preferences, and puts the stuff they need more logically, so the cold lead can’t help but change into a hot lead.

Additionally, CRM begins with collecting leads’ or customers’ websites (if any), email addresses, phone numbers, social media data, etc. Besides, it makes it easy for you to get into the lead’s inbox and better deliver your message about your company and goods. It is a tried-and-true method of growing your company.

Now that you understand what CRM is and how it can help your business let us end your time-consuming quest for the best Open Source CRM Software.

7 Best Free & Open Source CRM Software in 2022

Here are the best Open Source & Free CRM Software for SMBs.

1. Axelor CRM

Axelor is the most appealing graph software with a minimal-looking UI that works like magic. It is among the best Open Source CRM Software for small business. It works well on all devices and has no hiccups. Other characteristics include,

Superb Graphics: It contains a wide range of graphics and graphs, which makes the data pleasing & accessible for us to understand.

Mobile Apps: iOS or Android, both the users can install the Axelor app and keep an eye on your analytics anytime.

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2. SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is one of the top-rated Open Source CRM Software in 2022. It has thousands of users all around the world. It is the most dependable, robust, and user-friendly CRM software. People all across the globe admire it for the good it does. Besides, this open source CRM free contains many outstanding sophisticated features that every user has found helpful. The following are some of its standout qualities.

Community Service: SuiteCRM has experts & developers of over 1 million to have your back regarding whatever might stop you in your way, making it the most active CRM of all time.

Centric Repository State Of Work: It enables you to put together all your customers in one place to settle them as your business requires.

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3. Fat-Free CRM

Inside CRM, you can manage campaigns and leads, collect data, create a contact list, etc. Additionally, it features an attractive display that functions well and is basic yet effective. Highlighted features include,

Plugins: Fat-Free CRM contains many plugins like Time Management, Email, Google Authentication, and more for the users.

Accessible for all platforms: You can quickly install this software & deploy it on whatever device you want, such as Mac OS, Linux, Heroku, and Windows.

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4. Vtiger

If we talk about the best Open Source CRM Software Vtiger is a good customer relationship management app for project management, billing, sales marketing, services, and third-party integrations. Further, you’re going to appreciate this one because it offers essential characteristics. Because it is written in PHP, this program requires XAMPP for local installation. More important points are provided below.

Meeting Scheduling: You can schedule a meeting with your client on Vtiger CRM open source.

Products and Price book: You can store all the info about your products and prices inside this software. It even manages your email campaigns.

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5. EspoCRM

If you are looking for the highly-rated Open Source CRM Software then EspoCRM is a perfect choice. Companies enjoy this open source CRM free because it helps users to manage sales, projects, customers, and inventory all in one place, making the platform easy to understand and use.

Access To Multiple Languages: EspoCRM has 25 languages, including French, German, Russian, etc.

Uncomplicating Integration: You can quickly self-host your EspoCRM to any outsource such as MailChimp, Google Apps, etc.

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6. X2CRM

Are you seeking for the best Open Source CRM Software for small business? X2CRM is an excellent piece of software for workflow automation. It’s a system for managing sales, marketing, and other customer services, making the entire process easier and faster. In addition, this best CRM free promises virtual, dedicated, and on-premise servers. Other important characteristics are listed below.

Advanced Reporting: The dashboard of X2CRM displays reports information through graphs and has an appealing powerful look to it, and can be customized.

Click-through Installation: software even includes inbuilt installers for self-hosting. You have to get the hardware requirements done, and good to start.

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7. Odoo CRM

The next in our list of the best Open Source CRM Tools Odoo, the most advanced and high-performing software, assists you in managing your leads and customers on a much higher and advanced level. Additionally, depending on your interests or business, you may select between open source and enterprise editions.

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Furthermore, it enables you to install the community edition from your estimated server without any problems. Moreover, this best open source business software has an excellent team striving to guarantee that performance is not jeopardized. The key features are listed below.

Outstanding Statistics: You can keep an eye on the company’s data, analyze every moment & make the most out of the advanced features.

Available for all: Odoo is a multi-platform supporting software, available for installation such as Windows, Debian, and Red hat. Enterprise editions have apps for iOS & Android.

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