12 Best Photobucket Alternatives For Hosting Images

Photobucket Alternatives

The Photobucket was the default choice for hosting images on the internet for a lengthy period. It was quick, dependable, had hotlinks, and most importantly, was entirely free. However, Photobucket discontinued its free hosting service in 2017 and required users to pay $399 to continue using the service. The service costs $5.99 per month for 2500 images or 25 GB of storage. The abrupt transition to a premium service and adoption of subscription pricing has not gone down well with users. And the worst thing is that Photobucket asked users to pay or else the embedded images would be replaced with advertisements. Users had to hunt for alternatives to Photobucket. Therefore, if you are one of such users, we have compiled a list of great Photobucket alternatives that are 100% free and require no registration. Thus, without further ado, let us begin.

12 Best Photobucket Alternatives

We’ve compiled a list of the 12 best Photobucket alternatives available. All of the websites mentioned above are completely free and offer no-cost hotlinks. In addition, many of them do not require user registration, which is great. After that, let us go to the list and discover the best Photobucket alternatives.

1. Imgur

Photobucket Alternatives

Imgur is not just the best alternative to Photobucket but also a great image hosting website in general. If you’re searching for a free platform to host images and GIFs, we highly suggest Imgur. The service is entirely free, and you can share photos secretly or publicly. The best feature is that there are no image quality or quantity limitations. You may upload an unlimited number of photos. You’re not started to establish an account to begin using Imgur. You have access to Photobucket’s features, including embedding, captioning, and rudimentary editing. Instantly generate hotlinks for the image and embed it on any website, blog, or forum. Therefore, without hesitation, replace Photobucket with Imgur. You will love it. Imgur is responsible for making photo sharing free and available to everyone.

2. Dropbox

Photobucket Alternatives

Dropbox is a simple, fast, and economical cloud storage option for storing photos, videos, documents, and other files. You may place your photos into the virtual box, and they will be preserved in the cloud, where you can access them at any time. In addition, if you open a Personal account, you may utilize Dropbox Family, which enables everyone in your household to securely store and share photos, videos, and other critical files in one place.

You get a piece of mind knowing that if you lose any photos or they are accidentally deleted, you can easily retrieve them using the file recovery and version history features. Dropbox lets you maintain an up-to-date backup of your photos and share them with anybody, even if they do not have a Dropbox account. Your images are safe because of Dropbox’s various levels of protection.

3. Flickr

Photobucket Alternatives

Flickr is another excellent substitute for Photobucket. You may upload up to 1000 photos for free. You can also use the image> tag to share the photos and embed them in forums and websites. While Flickr is primarily for personal use, the free plan allows you to share images in both public and private forums. Note that Flickr gives a limited amount of bandwidth for openly posted images. If you embed the same image in many locations and it develops traction, you risk exceeding the restriction, rendering the image inaccessible. Therefore, proceed cautiously with the free plan. Nonetheless, Flickr is one of the best alternatives to Photobucket for anyone seeking a similar service, and you should check it out because the service is rock-solid.

4. Postimage

Photobucket Alternatives

Postimage is another good alternative to Photobucket. I love Postimage’s no-frills website. It’s pretty similar to the original Photobucket and lets you upload an unlimited number of photos. The service is free, and users do not need to register on the website to upload images. Upload the image, and you’ll receive the hotlinks to embed on your blog, forum, or pretty much anyplace else. In addition, Postimage offers a separate plugin that lets you upload photos directly from your PC while instantly creating shareable URLs. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a completely free and dependable image hosting service, I recommend Postimage. It comes close to Imgur in terms of quality.

5. Piwigo

Photobucket Alternatives

If you wish to create your site, you may use Piwigo, which excels at classifying large volumes of photos. The open-source site was founded in 2002 and has provided help to many users for almost two decades. Piwigo is scalable and offers more control, features, and flexibility for your hosting image requirements. However, as with Photobucket, Piwigo is not a free service and needs time and expertise to master. In addition, it lacks mobile apps for uploading and saving photos from mobile devices compared to Photobucket, which provides mobile apps to its users.

6. SmugMug

Photobucket Alternatives

SmugMug is a fantastic website for storing your photos. For a fair charge, you get unlimited photo storage. The service not only allows for photo uploads but also for video uploads. All of your uploads are stored in full resolution and are accessible from any location with an internet connection. SmugMug becomes a repository for your photos that is not only accessible but also maintained. Numerous photo hosting firms have gone bankrupt over the years. And the commitment made on SmugMug’s website is reassuring. In addition, I love that SmugMug offers a great mobile experience via Android and iOS apps. If you can afford a subscription service, this is one of the best alternatives to Photobucket available.

7. imgbox

The imgbox is one of the best image hosting services available and is capable of completely replacing Photobucket. It is free and imposes no limitations on the number of files or the size of the image. You do not need to register on the website to upload images. Open the site and upload the image. You will instantly receive the hotlinks, which you may use on your forum, blogs, or anywhere else. However, take in mind that imgbox does not support editing or captioning. All you have to do is upload an image and share it instantly, which I’m sure is what everyone wants. In conclusion, imgbox is an excellent website for hosting and sharing images, and it may serve as a great free alternative to Photobucket.

8. Google Photos

If you were previously utilizing Photobucket to save your private photos in the cloud, allow me to introduce you to Google Photos. It is a far superior alternative to any cloud storage service for personal images and videos. Google Photos offers you to save an infinite number of images and videos for free. While Google Photos lowers the resolution to minimize the overall file size, the change in quality is minor. Albums enable you to share photos both privately and publicly effortlessly. However, you cannot embed photos from Google Photos URLs in forums, as the service is intended for personal use exclusively. However, Google Photos is a great alternative to Photobucket, and you should consider migrating all of your images and videos to Google Photos.

9. Free Image Hosting

As the name implies, Free Image Hosting is a free website that lets you upload photos without restrictions. You may use the hotlinks to embed the images on blogs and forums. In addition, free Image Hosting gives direct links if you want to share photos quickly without requiring users to register. While the free service is excellent, the image size is limited. Keep in mind that you cannot upload files larger than 3 MB. However, you can upload GIFs, which is great. Thus, Free Image Hosting shows advertising ads to give free image hosting. In any case, if you’re seeking a straightforward Photobucket alternative, Free Image Hosting would suffice. Therefore, check a look at Free Image Hosting and see whether you can maintain it.

10. UltraIMG

UltraIMG is another viable replacement service for Photobucket, offering similar features. It enables you to upload a variety of image kinds and generates hotlinks fairly instantly. The best thing is that you do not need to register on the website to upload an image, and the service is entirely free. If you do register, you will have access to various great features, such as albums and an organized gallery. There are a few advantages to having a registered account. You may get an image’s view count and share it on social networking sites with tight integration. UltraIMG allows you to change the URLs of uploaded images, which is great. On site, if you’re seeking a free image hosting alternative to Photobucket, UltraIMG is a great choice.

11. VGY.ME

If you’re seeking a free image hosting website that makes it simple to upload and share photos with everyone around the globe, check VGY.ME. You may upload photos and generate shareable links using the service. Despite this being a free service, both upload and download speeds are good, and there is no throttling here. The best feature of VGY.ME is that all of your data is encrypted. As a result, no one will be able to access your photos without your consent.

Furthermore, VGY.ME supports not only photos but also videos (MP4 and WEBM). The sole restraint, in this case, is the 20 MB file size limit. This is a completely free service with no hidden expenses, so I understand this limitation. However, suppose you’re looking for a free Photobucket alternative, VGY.ME is worth a look.

12. 500px

500px has proven to be another great alternative to Photobucket. While it is mostly used to exhibit the work of photographers and graphic designers, it may also be used as an image hosting site. Bear in mind, though, that 500px enables you to upload up to seven photos every week for free. While it may not allow the same level of freedom as Imgur, it does provide an excellent platform for image hosting. You may share and embed images wherever you want, and hotlinking is not restricted. You may edit your images with extensive tools and share them immediately on the site. The 500px is a great website for sharing images and may serve as a great alternative to Photobucket.

The Bottom Line: Photobucket Alternatives

That concludes our article on the best Photobucket alternatives currently available. While the Photobucket was a great platform for hosting images, recent pricing changes have prompted many users to seek other alternatives. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best alternatives to Photobucket. In addition, many of the websites do not demand user registration, allowing you to host images without having to go through hoops instantly. That concludes our contribution. If you like the article or have a question, please comment below.

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