How To See Twitter Deleted Tweets Easily

See Twitter Deleted Tweets

In this post, we’ll examine various methods to find Twitter deleted tweets. If you’re a regular on Twitter, follow celebrities, or are a celebrity yourself, you’re already aware of the sensitivity of tweets. If you mistakenly deleted a tweet or were forced to remove it for whatever reason, you cannot restore it to your profile. Nonetheless, it is not impossible to see it again in other ways. This post will show how to see Twitter deleted tweets once again. Whether you copy and repost it or use it as a reference later, it is up to you. Find scrolling to see deleted tweets.

How To See Twitter Deleted Tweets

Retrieve Archive

If you were unaware, Twitter always archives its users’ tweets, which you may readily view by following simple steps.

1 – Log in to your Twitter account using your username and password. 

2 – From your profile icon, select Settings, and privacy. 

See Twitter Deleted Tweets

3 – Navigate to the Account section, and open Twitter data. Here, enter your password again to confirm.

See Twitter Deleted Tweets

4 – Locate and click the ‘Request archive’ button.

5 – Twitter will prepare an archive, and an email notification will be delivered to you. It will be sent to the same email ID your account has been created. 

6 – Click on the ‘Download Now’ button in your email. You will be redirected to a zipped folder.

7 – Unzip the folder. Locate ‘index.html’ here to see all your tweets, even deleted ones.

See Twitter Deleted Tweets

This is one method; you can see deleted tweets once again.

Try Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a free online service that archives all of the content on a website, dating back to its inception. You have to type the site’s address and see deleted tweets.

1 – Type or copy the Twitter address into the home page’s search bar. 

2 – The search results are shown in the form of a calendar. Click on the date to be transported to Twitter. Ensure that you are logged in to find deleted tweets.

Use Snapbird

Snapbird can be regarded as an alternate method to see Twitter deleted tweets. This website is great since the homepage allows you to see someone’s timeline, their likes, tweets mentioning you, your direct messages, and your friends’ tweets. In addition, the tool allows you to see deleted tweets by entering the account’s username. It’s an extremely inventive and convenient way to see deleted messages. However, you’ll only be able to see tweets mentioning you and direct messages sent to you if the premium option is enabled. As a result, you may upgrade your account for similar purposes.

Google Cache

Another simple and quick way to see deleted tweets is to look through your Google cache. To accomplish the same, you must:

1 – Navigate to > type (your username + Twitter) > click on the black inverted arrow beneath the name and click Cached.

It will provide prior results for deleted tweets, and you can quickly see all of these deleted tweets. Ascertain that you have not cleared your cache; otherwise, it may be sure to find the deleted tweets.

The Bottom Line: See Twitter Deleted Tweets

We are sure that you have recovered your deleted tweets by now! You may now copy and repost them or save them for future reference.

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