10 Best Unroll.me Alternatives You Can Try

Unroll.me Alternatives

Unroll.me is a robust tool that helps you to easily unsubscribe from unwanted emails and maintain a clutter-free inbox. However, this popular service’s track record when it comes to user privacy is, to put it mildly, problematic. In 2017, a New York Times story revealed the company’s privacy policies, which included the sharing of customer data with Uber. As such, if you’re seeking Unroll.me alternatives, here are our top selections.

10 Best Unroll.me Alternatives

Well, If you’re concerned about your privacy or want to experiment with a different service for unsubscribing to unwanted marketing emails, let’s take a look at the best Unroll.me alternatives.

1. Leave Me Alone

Unroll.me Alternatives

Leave Me Alone is an excellent alternative to Unroll.me. You may quickly unsubscribe from unwanted emails using this website. To utilize this service, you must establish an account on Leave Me Alone. The free tier entitles you to a total of five cancellations. After that, you’ll be charged $2.5 for 50 unsubscribes, $9.9 per month for 50 unsubscribes, or $16 per month for 200 unsubscribes.

2. Built-in Unsubscribe Button

Unroll.me Alternatives

Although this is not a third-party tool, it is the easiest method for unsubscribing to emails when you get a promotional email or newsletter that no longer interests you; click the Unsubscribe button at the top of Gmail, Outlook, or your preferred email service. When the pop-up opens, confirm your selection by clicking ‘Unsubscribe.’ Certain websites may take you to a special subscription management page before allowing you to unsubscribe from their mailing list.

Unroll.me Alternatives

While doing it manually might be time-consuming, when paired with appropriate keyword searches, you can effortlessly clear your inbox without depending on any third-party services. I would recommend sticking to this strategy if you value your privacy.

3. Polymail Unsubscriber

Unroll.me Alternatives

Another alternative to explore is Polymail’s Unsubscriber tool if you’re seeking a simple way to unsubscribe from emails. For those unfamiliar, Polymail is a desktop email client for Windows. You may instantly unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions with Polymail’s built-in Unsubscriber tool. It is one of the greatest Unroll.me alternatives since it also allows you to manage your emails directly from the app.

4. Unlistr for Outlook

Unroll.me Alternatives

If you’re searching for an Outlook-specific tool, Unlistr should be your first choice. The service will search your inbox for spam emails and will automatically list them all. Click the Unsubscribe button. Unlistr’s free trial allows you to unsubscribe from up to five mailing lists. To receive full access to Unlistr, you must pay $19.99 each year.

5. Clean Email

Unroll.me Alternatives

Clean Email is an advantageous service for individuals seeking to reclaim control of their inboxes. You may unsubscribe from subscribed emails using Clean Email’s unsubscriber tool. It is, however, a premium feature. Apart from unsubscribing to emails, Clean Email has a slew of useful functions, such as email groups, rapid cleaning, filters, sorting, and reading later. Clean Email is available for $7.99 per month or $19.99 per month.

6. Cleanfox

Unroll.me Alternatives

Cleanfox is another third-party solution that may prove useful. As with the other services on our list, you’ll need to connect the service to your email account in order to access and utilize it. You may either delete an unwanted email or delete and unsubscribe from the sender from Cleanfox’s home page. In general, it’s a well-designed website that can assist you in decluttering your email inbox and can easily replace Unroll.me in your routine.

7. Gmail Unsubscribe

To be clear, this isn’t the same as what I just stated, which is utilizing Gmail’s default unsubscribe option. Instead, this is a Gmail plugin that was discovered open-source on Github. After you install it, it analyses your inbox for anything that could qualify as a newsletter. It will then attempt to unsubscribe and create a Google Sheet with information about the newsletter.

8. SaneBox

SaneBox is another Unroll.me alternative that maintains and regulates your email inbox to prevent unwanted emails out. SaneLater is a file produced on your mail account where your emails are categorized and preserved. SaneBox is a subscription-based service.

9. Mailtrack

Mailtrack is another Unroll.me alternative that allows you to track your email account. It is a free Gmail add-on that works with G-suite, Chrome, Android, and iOS. Mailtrack acts as a tracking system; it keeps track of how many times you’ve opened an email and whether you’ve opened it or not.

10. Mailstrom

This alternative to Unroll.me promises to be the simplest way for email subscribers to manage their cluttered inboxes. In contrast to algorithms that attempt to predict what you feel is significant, Mailstrom is a strong tool that augments your human mind. Mailstrom classifies related emails into groups and enables you to act on them together rather than transferring or archiving each Email separately.

Conclusion: Unroll.me Alternatives

Thus, these are the top Unroll.me alternatives worth checking out if you’re looking to unsubscribe from intrusive and irritating marketing emails/newsletters. Do you use another service to manage your email subscriptions? Kindly inform us in the space below.

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