7 Best WeTransfer Alternatives You Can Use

WeTransfer Alternatives

The WeTransfer is one of the most popular file-sharing services in the world, but the Indian Department of Telecommunications recently banned WeTransfer from the country because it was too popular. There are two reasons given by the ministry: “National Interest and public interest.” There aren’t many details about what that means. At this point, the site isn’t accessible on almost all of the major ISPs, except for Airtel and ACT Fibernet. There’s no need to worry about this because we have your back. To help you send files quickly, we have put together a list of the 7 best WeTransfer alternatives. This is just like WeTransfer, but we also have some services that don’t require you to create an account. And most importantly, we have put a lot of focus on the security of all the file-sharing apps. In that case, let’s go through the list.

7 Best WeTransfer Alternatives

WeTransfer Alternatives that you can use.

1. Google Drive

WeTransfer Alternatives

A lot of people who want to find a replacement for WeTransfer will choose Google Drive. Even though you have to sign in with your Google account, I think it’s worth it because you get a lot of free security features with it, even though you have to. In WeTransfer, for example, you can upload a file and then choose to send it by email so that you can do the same thing. Email is a way to stop other people from getting your files, even if they get the download link. Well, In case you want to share a link, you can also choose who can see, edit, or comment on the files that you share. Basically, you’re getting all the extra features of WeTransfer on Google Drive for free, without paying to pay for them.

As a bonus, Google Drive gives you 15GB of free cloud storage so that you can send files and folders of any size. Again, it’s much larger than WeTransfer’s 2GB limit for files. Google Drive has the same level of encryption as WeTransfer when it comes to safety. 128-bit AES encryption and 256-bit TLS encryption keep all of your files safe when they’re on Google Drive’s servers and when they’re being sent. In simple terms, Google Drive is a good way to keep your files safe. The Google Drive is one of the best alternatives to WeTransfer if you can live with the fact that you have to sign in to use it.

2. Firefox Send

WeTransfer Alternatives

Firefox Send is the best choice if you want to use an alternative to WeTransfer. Not only did WeTransfer get a lot of attention because of its quick service, but because of its well-protected security. And Firefox Send adds even more protection to all of that, too. If you want to send files, Firefox Send is one of the few services that can encrypt them from start to finish. It encrypts the files in the browser with 128-bit AES-GCM encryption, which is used to encrypt them. For clarity, WeTransfer uses 256-bit AES encryption when it’s at rest and TLS when it’s in transit. WeTransfer’s encryption isn’t weak, but end-to-end encryption means that only the recipient’s computer can decrypt the file, leaving no room for third-party tampering or intercepting the file.

Firefox Send can send files up to 2.5GB, which is a little more than WeTransfer’s 2GB. Even so, you’ll need to create a Firefox account to send files that are more than 1GB. Here, To make things even better, you can set a password and limit how many times a person can download your files. Well, This will help you keep your files safe even if someone gets hold of the download link. It was possible to use WeTransfer to do all of these features, but only if you paid. In other words, you get all of Firefox Send’s most important features without paying to pay a fee. To sum up, I think Firefox Send is better than WeTransfer, and you should give it a try.

3. Smash

WeTransfer Alternatives

I think you’ll love Smash’s free service as well as WeTransfer’s. Unlike WeTransfer, which has a size limit of 2GB for free users, Smash allows you to send as many files as you want. This is just crazy. Smash says that it can handle files up to 350GB. However, keep in mind that if you send files that are more than 2GB, the processing will go through the non-priority transfer route, which will slow down the transfer speed. However, since you’re getting such a great service for free, you can’t really complain. It’s even better because you get password protection and file previews on the free level of Smash, which is a good thing.

Moving on to security, Smash uses the same encryption method as WeTransfer. When it sends files, it uses the SSL/TLS protocol to keep them safe. Smash uses the 256-bit-AES standard to encrypt the files on its server. As we all know, it’ll be a long time before a computer can figure out the AES encryption key, so your data will be safe. The free service only keeps your files for 14 days. In order to get more time, you can pay for the paid plan, which also has a faster speed for bigger files and URL customization. Smash is a service like WeTransfer that is very easy to use. Overall, Smash is one of the best WeTransfer alternatives.

4. Send Anywhere

WeTransfer Alternatives

This is another popular service for moving files that can be both small and big. Send Anywhere is one of the most popular. It’s one of the best WeTransfer alternatives because it has a lot of different features you can do. A simple way to send files under the free account is with an Input Key. When you just upload the file and get a 6-digit code, this is called the direct method. Now, on the recipient’s end, type in the Input Key, and you’re done with it. It’s simple! Well, To send files through a link or email, you will need to sign up for their account. It’s great that you can send files up to 10GB under the free account.

Even so, some of its most important features, like a download count and a timer for when a link expires, can only be used with the premium plan. You will also have to watch a few ads before you can get the download link and/or the Input Key under the free tier. In addition, send Anywhere says that files are encrypted while they are in transit and when they are at rest. Even so, it doesn’t say what protocol or encryption method it is based on. So, to put it straight, Send Anywhere is a suitable tool for sending files on the internet and can substitute WeTransfer for all your requirements if you choose to get its premium plan.

5. OneDrive

WeTransfer Alternatives

In the same way as Google Drive, OneDrive is a cloud storage service run by Microsoft, like the one. You can use it to send big files across the web, but it’s not a direct competitor to WeTransfer. Well, The free tier of OneDrive allows you to upload files of up to 5GB, which is a good amount of space. It’s also a lot larger than WeTransfer’s file size limit. One of the best things about OneDrive is that it has a lot of features that only work if you pay for WeTransfer’s premium plans. For example, there are a lot of files you can do with an email to send with. Adding a password to your files is another way to keep them safe. You can also set a time when the link to the files will no longer work. This will stop people from being able to access them.

Well, Other than that, on the security front, you get the same level of protection as WeTransfer. The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol is used to encrypt files as they move from the browser to Microsoft’s servers. Each file that is stored is encrypted with a unique AES256 key when it isn’t being used. In addition, they are encrypted with a set of master keys that are stored in the Azure Key Vault. Overall, OneDrive is a secure and capable alternative to WeTransfer, but bear in mind; you can’t use the service without logging into your Microsoft account. If you’re okay with this, OneDrive can easily replace WeTransfer for you.

6. Dropbox

The Dropbox is a service that lets you store things in the cloud. Recently, the company released a “Transfer” platform that lets you send files quickly to anyone on the web. In WeTransfer, there is a limit on the size of files that can be sent: 100MB. If you send small files, this is fine. You can =get a notification when your transfer is downloaded and check the number of times the file has been viewed. However, keep in mind that WeTransfer’s upload process isn’t as simple as it is with this service. Here, You need to create a Dropbox account to be able to send a file, though recipients can download the file without having to log in. Even though the premium plan costs more, there is also password protection and a timer for links to expire. Apart from that, well, if you find the size limit too small, then you can sign up for Dropbox Basic. It’s a free account that offers you 2GB of storage in the cloud. Also, You can upload your files there and send them to anyone.

Fortunately, Dropbox offers you to share files by email, so only people who are supposed to have access to the file can download it through the download link. As a bonus, you can also make a link that anyone can use to see or download the file. AES 128-bit encryption is used to store files on the Dropbox server, and TLS is used to communicate with each other. Using Cryptomator (a cloud encryption service), you can add even more security to your files. Well, If you want to use AES 256-bit encryption like WeTransfer, you can do this. Dropbox Transfer is a good way to send small files. Dropbox can be used as an alternative to WeTransfer. For people who want more space, Dropbox Basic is for them, too.

7. Filemail

Well, You can send large files for free with WeTransfer, but with Filemail, you have to pay to send them. The Pro plan costs $5 a month, and it offers 100GB of storage and 30 days of file storage. Mostly, businesses use this service. Because of this, Filemail has some of the most advanced features and top-notch security, which makes it safe. Further, You can protect your files with a password and set up two-factor authentication. With a download meter, you can keep track of how many files you send and receive and see who has seen your files. It’s also possible to customize the background image and add other visual elements to the download page to show off your brand.

If you want to use Filemail, the best part is that you can connect it to services like Zapier and other web automation tools. AES-256 key encryption is used for both stored files and files that are in transit from the server to a client. The protection is standard in the industry, and it’s very similar to WeTransfer. Filemail isn’t the best way to share files with other people, but if you run a business, Filemail can meet your needs.

Conclusion: WeTransfer Alternatives

This is what we think is the best way to move files from one place to another. There are services that allow you to quickly share files without having to sign up for an account. In fact, there aren’t many. You’ll have to make an account if you need a lot of space. There you go. Further, You can comment down below if you found the WeTransfer alternatives article useful or if you have any questions for us so that we can answer them. We will try to help you.

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